Wednesday, June 29, 2011



Q-vo oldie lovers, here's some classic cruising oldies to cruise you thru friday & get you ready for the weekend. Nothing but firme oldies but goodies for your enjoyment. See you on the comments. ALRATO

1. Ooh Baby Baby – Ralfi Pagan
2. Magic Mountain – The Medallions
3. We Go Together – The Royal Jesters
4. Memories Of El Monte – The Penguins
5. Smile Now, Cry Later – Sunny & The Sunliners
6. This Is My Love – The Passions
7. I Only Want You – The Passions
8. Baby Baby All The Time – The Superbs
9. Daddy’s Home – The Limelights
10. Fork On The Road – The Miracles
11. A Thousand Miles Away – The Limelights
12. Fat Boy Can Cry – Billy Stewart
13. Baby Oh Baby – The Shells
14. I Had A Choice – Sun
15. Somebody Loves You(I Guess) – The Moments
16. No One Else Will Do – Black Ivory
17. It Hurts So Much – The Superbs
18. I Destroyed Your Love – Special Delivery
19. This Love Is For Real – The Lovelites
20. Cuz I Love You – Lenny Willams
21. Hey Love – The Younghearts


Chi-Town said...

Very nice comp. Thank you. Great blog!

SOLOE said...

thanks for the feedback CHI-TOWN..glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

where can i download this sik album

Anonymous said...

any chance for a re-up?

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