Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dreaming Casually


Here's the newest series of my compilations. All you gotta do is check out track 1 by Ruben & The Jets & the rest will flow like water. From beginning to end..this is a firme rola. So grab the link and get ready to enjoy these firme tunes. Hit me up on the comments & let me know what you think.  ENJOY!!

1. I Wanna Know - Ruben & The Jets
2. Baby, Baby I Need You - Dave Brady & The Stars
3. Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Earth, Wind & Fire
4. Ooh This Is Love - The Fabulistic’s
5. Anything - Ruben & The Jets
6. Only You - Gary Lee Fausz & The Savoy
7. Make Room - The Mad Lads
8. To Be Loved - Ruben & The Jets
9. Merry Go Round - The Equatics
10. Never Let Me Go - Monique
11. I Want You, Girl - Sugar
12. Something On My Mind - Pro-Fascination
13. Miss You - Zodiac
14. Show Me The Way To Your Heart - Ruben & The Jets
15. His Beginning Is My End - Kool And Together
16. Cross My Heart - Darryl Stewart
17. I Just Can’t Find A Love - Depths Of Love
18. You’re All I Need - Jean & Joe
19. Lost My Love Yesterday - The Larks
20. Love Me Leave Me - The Valdons


JM said...

Yeah, man -- that was a killer mix! Thanks.

Chuco said...

hell yeah, this set was firme SOLOE. I don't know where you come up with these rolas, but keep on bringing them.

SOLOE said...

yo JM...

thanks for the props homie...I'm still bumping this one non stop...them RUDY & THE JETS rolas are FIRME!!

SOLOE said...

q-vole CHUCO..

I knew you'd like this one..some of these rolas I got from your jefe homie...your sleeping on your dad's treasure chest of vinyl homeboy...get to it!!

Dreaming Casually said...

Nice list of songs.

SOLOE said...


thanks for your comment...and I'm glad you liked the set of songs...much respect

G MAN said...

Killer work homeboy! Loved the MONIQUE & THE SUGAR trax. Way 2 get down on the cover 2 bro! The orange frame really makes the rest of the image pop!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh great,

i found great music again !

Dreaming Casually
1 to 13
BAD, i couldn't find the
download for . . .
Dreaming Casually 1
Dreaming Casually 2
Dreaming Casually 3
Dreaming Casually 4

may you give me an actual link !
thanks and regards

from bavaria

susan gaxiola said...

Dreaming Casually 1
Dreaming Casually 2
Dreaming Casually 3
Dreaming Casually 4 i would love the link for these vols. thanks