Thursday, June 16, 2011



Alright oldie lovers, the weekend's almost here, so to get you ready for it, here's volume 6 of the SOLOE'S OLDIES series. Nothing but some classic cruising oldies for your enjoyment. I get alot of heat when I say that I like Rocky Padilla's verson of "I wish you love" more than the Joe Bataan version, but that's just me. Check it out and let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. I Wish You Love – Rocky Padilla
2. Crystal Blue Persuasion – The Shondells
3. Please Say It Isn’t So – Lee Williams & The Cymbals
4. I’m On The Outside Looking In – Little Anthony & The Imperials
5. I Need You So – Tommy McLain
6. Who Do You Love – The Sapphires
7. A Casual Look – The Sixteens
8. Foolish Lil Girl – The Shirelles
9. Who Has The Last Laugh – Bloodstone
10. Summer Snow – Blue Magic
11. I Wanna Know Your Name – The Intruders
12. Never Gonna Give You Up – Jerry Butler
13. Happy Happy Birthday Baby – The Weavers
14. Sincerely – The Moonglows
15. Just To Be With You – The Passions
16. I Need Someone – Thee Midniters
17. Baby Come Close – Smokey Robinson
18. Look At Me – The Moments
19. Maybe – The Chantels
20. The Plea – The Chantels
21. It’s Gonna Take Alot To Bring Me Back – The Manhattans


G MAN said...

More firme memories....excellent are all the rest in the series.

Big props to Soloe and the homie Chuco!


Garfield said...

Top of the line comp you dropped here. Mucho respect for the work you do and the kindness of your heart.

SOLOE said...

thanks for the props G-MONEY...can't go wrong with them cruising oldies que no


thanks for your comments...glad you enjoyed these classic oldies compilation.

Rock said...

Thank you for believing in me...

R. Padilla

Chuco said...


Is this really Rocky Padilla?? If so, thank you for making some very firme oldie versions. Keep doing your thing homeboy!! and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Much respect !!