Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.6


Orale oldie lovers, it's sunday, last day for a fun day. Here's some firme rolas to help you cruise on down on this sunday afternoon. So grab the link, and get ready for another firme oldies trip. Hit me up on the comments and let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. Think About Tomorrow – The Ethics
2. Love Me Girl – The Mylestones
3. When You Lose The One You Love – Buddy Smith
4. I’ll Show You How To Love Me – Cannibal & The Headhunters
5. I Don’t Mind – The Crescendos
6. Just One More Time – The Dukes
7. I Won’t Stand In Your Way – The Premiers
8. My Heart Isn’t In It – The Superbs
9. Now He’s Mine – The Lockettes
10. I Won’t Be Hurt – The Sensations
11. Seem’s You’ve Forsaken My Love – Maxine Brown
12. I Hope You Really Love Me – Family Circle
13. Love Is Just Like A Baseball Game – Reggie Sadler
14. Helpless – The Reflections
15. Hey Lover – Giny Satin
16. My Girl Jean – The Sharpees
17. You’re Gonna Wreck My Life – Guitar Ray
18. She Gives Me Love – The Romancers
19. Something I’m Doing Wrong – The Shelletts
20. Please Tell Me So – Donnie Elbert


mff21 said...

Thanks!!! It's very cool:)

Chuco said...

Glad you enjoyed it Mff21...and gracias for the comment..much respect

Garfield said...

Thank you Chuco! Really enjoying this comp, all sweet sounding, heart melting rolas.

G MAN said...

Great cruise back in time with this Soloe special......big thanx to both homiez for bringing this classic public again!


SOLOE said...

glad you enjoyed this comp GARFIELD...and thanks for your continuing support

SOLOE said...

what up CHUCO kept telling me...they're back by popular