Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drifting On A Memory Vol.1



Here's another one of my series I started up about a year ago. Get ready to hear some more of them firme soul oldies. You'll hear some familiar groups like The Sapphires, The O'Jays, & The Shirelles getting down to some of there rare songs that they don't play on the usual radio stations. So hit the link and get ready for a firme oldies ride.

1. Put Your Head On My Shoulder – The Eternals
2. I Found Out Too Late – The Sapphires
3. Give Me Back My Heart – The Hollywood Flames
4. Missing Someone – Bobby Chase
5. Write Me A Letter – The Blossoms
6. I’m In Love – The Big Tops
7. Heavenly Night – The Collegians
8. Gift Of Love – The Van Dykes
9. Ready For A Change – The Starr Sisters
10. I’ve Cried Enough – The Carrousels
11. It Took Time – The Upfronts
12. Lookin’ Up – Carrie Cleveland
13. Love Is Everywhere – The O’jays
14. Please Remember My Love – The Storytellers
15. My Love Is A Charm – The Shirelles
16. Nothing Like A Little Love – The Solitaires
17. Phyllis Beloved – Julie & The Desires
18. This Could Be The Night – The Velours
19. Sending This Letter – The Tunemasters
20. Who Knows – Otis Williams & The Charms


JM said...

Great blog and mixes!

G MAN said...

Classy cover to match the classy trax.....another firme chapter in your long history of killer souldiez compilations!


SOLOE said...


thanks for the comment and glad you enjoying these compilations

SOLOE said...

what up G-MAN...thanks for the comment homeboy

P-Stylze said...

Damn Ese,
I remember when this bad ass comp dropped...The cover is FIRME homie....Thats our style right there....Keep putting it down carnal.

SOLOE said...

thanks for the props P-STYLZE...our kind of rucas que no homie. good looking out on the comment