Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lotus Blossum


What's happening oldie lovers?? Got another firme comp right here that my homeboy SOLOE & I came up with. Hit the link and get ready to enjoy some firme rolas off this CD. Let us know what you think by dropping a comment. ALRATO

1. Lotus Blossum - WAR
2. What Have I Done To Make You Mad - Linda Jones
3. Such A Fool - The Fascinations
4. Love Built On A Strong Foundation - Big Jim’s Border Crossings
5. I’ve Known - The Drew-Vels
6. What Have I Done - Billy Stewart
7. Ten To One - Billy Wells & The Invaders
8. The Young Hearts Get Lonely Too - The New Younghearts
9. If This World Were Mine - Bobby Lanz & The Celtics
10. What Did I Do Wrong - The Weeknights
11. I Won’t Be The Fool Anymore - The Heartbeats
12. I Am Old Enough - The Schoolboys
13. Varee is Love - The Ohio Players
14. I Just Can’t Understand - The La-Rells
15. Just Be True - Betty, Jerry & The Dells
16. What Is Love - The Pretenders
17. I’ll Never Love Again - The Five Stairsteps
18. Let Bygones Be Bygones - Tina Florence & Group
19. This Is The Thanks I Get - Barbara Lynn
20. Live Number Two - Shades Of Brown


G MAN said...

Excellent job on this comp fellas! Loved THE WEEK NIGHTS, THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS & THE WAR jam 2 name a few....excellent job! Killer cover 2....firme color scheme and tight images.....very slick pacage!


SOLOE said...

What up G-MONEY..

That WAR jam is firme....been bumping that alongside the RUBEN & THE JETS on the other comp. And thanks on the props for the cover....that color scheme made it pop out even more.


do u want to link blogs!

Dave Thomas said...

Great comp, Barbara Lynn is a great inclusion

Garfield said...

Super sweet! Heart massaging rolas for your listening pleasure...

Thanks for sharing!


Chuco said...

thanks for the props GARFIELD...glad you enjoyed this set. keep tuning in for some more firme rolas

Chuco said...

yo DAVE, thanks for commenting, and you're right about that Barbara Lynn's a banger.