Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memories Of The Past Vol.5


Well here I am again posting volume 5 of this series. Starting off is just a firme souldie by Serafin Sandoval….just the way I like my oldies…smooth. The Youngsters get down on track 7, makes you wanna start up that classic car and just cruise. Larry Sanders cut on track 17 is just another firme souldie. No description needed for that rola.

Just wanna give my appreciation to everyone who's left a comment. From the ones who remember these comps to the new ones who are just getting them...gracias. Let me know what you think….ENJOY!!!

1. I’ll Be – Serefin Sandoval & The Veltones
2. The Girl Of My Dream – David & Ruben
3. Till The End Of Time – The Sunglows
4. Everytime I See You – The Heartbreakers
5. Please Be My Love Tonight – Frankie & Johnny
6. A Love So True – The Nutmegs
7. Can I Come Over – The Youngsters
8. Can I Come In – Phil Terrell
9. Dedicated To You – Sonny Knight
10. Happy New Year Baby – The Sisters
11. Here I Stand – Tommy Williams & Group
12. I Really Love You – The Channels
13. Is There A Love For Me – The Dubs
14. My Baby’s Gone – The Tren-Teens
15. Goodbye Angel Baby – Maria & The Autumns
16. Never Will I (Make My Baby Cry) – Magnificent Seven
17. I’m In Love – Larry Sanders
18. Come Home To Daddy – Curb Goggins
19. Is It Wrong – Glenn Wells
20. I Need A Guy – The Lovettes


G MAN said...

Some bad ass jointz up in this one as alwayz set off with that firme O.G. cover.....thanx 4 the non-stop quality EASTSIDER!


P-Stylze said...

Get down ese....The covers are always FIRME homie....The line up is just as FIRME...If you dont have the series get em while you can.....


Garfield said...

You are throwing down some serious comps here! These rolas sure grab the heart and squeeze very heard...kinda take you breath away. Thanks for posting and keep up the great job.

Chuco said...


Glad you enjoying these firme comps, and thanks for continuing to leave comments. SOLOE got down on this series big time.

Big shout out to you homeboy, you always get down with them bad ass covers and rolas as well homeboy...I see you!!


gracias for commenting homeboy, it's much appreciated