Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Orale oldie lovers, how's everybody's week starting off so far??  Here's the lastest volume of this firme series. Grab the link and get ready to listen to some firme cruising oldies. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. ALRATO

1. I Really Love You – The Ambassadors
2. Count Me Out – Billy Stewart
3. All You Have To Do (Was Tell Me) – Chris Montez
4. Sad Man’s Land – The Spoilers
5. Let Me Dream – The Matadors
6. Please Say You Want Me – The Schoolboys
7. Girl I Can’t Forget – The Royal Jesters
8. Let’s Get Together Again – Carol Hughes
9. I’m No Good For You – Barbara Mason
10. When I’m With You – The Chants
11. What About One More Time – Bobby Rosales & The Premiers
12. Stay Together Young Lovers – Brenda & The Tabulations
13. O-O- I Love You – The Electrifying Cashmeres
14. That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You – Linda Jones
15. It’s To Late – Mandrill
16. Baby Think It Over – The Martinels
17. Never Let Me Go – Eddie Holman & The Larks
18. Since You’ve Been Away – The Swallows
19. Hurry Up & Wait – The Whatnauts
20. Your Heart Belongs To Me – Diana Ross & The Supremes
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G MAN said...

Another fabulous volume by the EASTSIDER....killer tracks with a knockout album cover.....straight quality project!


P-Stylze said...

Q-Vo Soloe,
These comps are the shit carnals...Souldies at its finest...I remember when these first dropped...If you aint got em,get em....Keep putting it down Carnals....


Chris T said...

Thanks for this firme comp, all great tunes.

Garfield said...

Muchas gracia and nuff love and respect to you. Your taste in music is superb and I thank you for all you do, sharing your collection of great music.

SOLOE said...

orale P-STYLZE...

gracias for the comment homeboy...we gonna keep on pushing these comps as we did before..tu sabes

SOLOE said...


I said it once and I'll say it again....thanks to you for introducing me to the cover game....brings the comp much more life...good looking out homeboy

SOLOE said...

yo CHRIS T..

glad you enjoyed the firme rolas...and thanks for commenting....

SOLOE said...


thanks for the props homie...hope you continue to enjoy these sets....peace

Spleng said...

where is the link?