Monday, May 16, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.4


Another start of a week, so you know I gotta drop some firme rolas your way to cruise thru your day. Go ahead and cop this and you'll be glad you did when you take a listen. Hope everyone had a firme monday. See you round oldie lovers,  ALRATO

1. Besides You – Ann Fleming
2. Cotton Eyed Joe – The Soulistics
3. I’ll Remember You – The Elements
4. My Memories Of You – Jimmy Sabater
5. I Just Can’t Lose Your Love – The Whatnauts
6. I’m Better Off Without You – The Insiders
7. My Love – The Latinaires
8. Once You Fall – Eddie McFloyd
9. Peepin’ Through The Window – Lee Williams & The Cymbals
10. Tag Along – Mirage
11. Won’t You Please (Be My Baby) – The Superlatives
12. I’m Still Waiting – The Impressions
13. Sad Man’s Land – The Spoilers
14. I Love You – Daphine Willams
15. I’m A Dreamer – Bobby Burn
16. Nevermore – Renaldo Domino
17. Since I’ve Fallen In Love With You – Lou D. Washington & The Professionals
18. I’ll Find A Way – Bobby Reed
19. If By Chance – Windy City
20. Oh, Little Girl – Suenos


G MAN said...

More killer work from the EASTSIDER......excellent stylistic soul once again homie!


Garfield said...

Massive, wicked, sick comp!! Firme all the wayyyyyyy!! I heard track #10 sometime ago and that shit was burned in my musical memory from that time, and BAM!!'s the song, a gem among gems! Thanks a million for all you do in bringing such great quality, "straight up the flagpole" souldie rolas from deep insige your arsenel of BIG CHUNES!!

You have made my day! Much love and respect to you for sharing.

Emmanuel13616 said...

Love This Whole Line Up! From Begining To End!

Chuco said...

what up G-MAN,

I don't know how SOLOE does it, but that vato knows how to put up a line up. This series is just too firme que no

Chuco said...

sup GARFIELD, glad you really enjoyed this firme set of tunes. Thanks for the feedback, and glad I can assist in getting you that rola on track 10. that's a good tune there just like you said.


orale homeboy...gracias for the comment, and glad that you liked this set. they only get better from one volume to the next.

SOLOE said...

Glad you vatos enjoyed this cd. put your seatbelts on cuz these volumes go up to get ready for a firme soul oldies ride.

Yo G-MAN, these comps reminds me of the goood ol TVD days....keep doing the damn thing homie

I know the feeling when you hear a song, and then suddenly finding it...glad I can hook you up.

Q-VO ese...gracias for checking us out homeboy..spread the word mocking

P-Stylze said...

Orale Carnals,
Sup,Damn in case everyone doesn't know yet this series has straight heaterz...Soloe put it down here...Just wanted to come thru and show my respects ese to you and your homie Chuco...Keep puting it down carnals.....

G MAN said...

Funny you should mention the old TVD dayz SOLOE....never know........those dayz may be back........?


Eleazar Nava said...