Friday, May 27, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.5


Orale oldie lovers, another week gone by and for alot of gente, a 3 day weekend is here. Here's something to start your weekend. A bit of uptempo soul to get you going. Let me know what you homeboys & homegirls think by dropping a comment. ALRATO

1. Absence – The Fabulistic’s
2. I’m Gonna Love You – Age Of Bronze
3. I’ll Give You A Ring – Ed Nelson
4. Call Me – Emmit Long
5. Are You Gonna Leave Me – Jessie James
6. Given Up On Love – Johnny Thompson
7. Lonely Girl – Side Show
8. Today I Kissed My New Love – The Arabians
9. Running – Sounds Of Blackness
10. Good Old Days – The Jones Brothers
11. Wrapped Around Your Finger – The Poets
12. I Wanna Tell My Baby – The Precisions
13. Ain’t No Telling – The Houston Outlaws
14. Your Love – Seaquence
15. Holy One – Freddy Fender
16. Look A Little Higher – The Uptights
17. You’ve Been Gone To Long – Ann Sexton
18. It’s A New Day – The Sensations


Garfield said...

Firme to the max! Rolas to melt your heart and tak you back in time, to the days of innocence. Thank you for another super quality comp.

torreseddie75 said...

thanks for posting these firme rolas!

G MAN said...

More great work from the EastSider! Big thanx 2 Chuco and Soloe for the firme work!


SOLOE said...


I couldn't of said it better myself...thanks for the comment's much appreciated

SOLOE said...


thanks for commenting...and glad you enjoyed the set

SOLOE said...

what up G-MONEY...

our comps don't seem to go out of they??!!...thanks for the comment homeboy

P-Stylze said...

Orale Soloe,
Another sweet drop here ese...These old school gangster chola covers are FIRME homie.....You know this series is off the hook...Keep doing your thing homie.

soma said...

Great tracklist!
Can you please repost the download link?

Thank you!