Monday, May 2, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.3


Back again with another set of firme oldies to jump start your week. Mondays are hard to get by, so hopefully these rolas will help you cruise thru your day. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. Long Lonely Broken Hearted – Kal’s Kids
2. Let Your Heart Be The Judge – God’s Gift To Women
3. Goodbye Baby – The Temptones
4. I Remember When – The Florida Spiritulaires
5. Bucketful Of Tears – Derrick Harriott
6. Girl Full Of Charm – The Soul Injection
7. You Must Be A Blessing – Albert Jones
8. One Is Enough For One – Jack & The Mods
9. So This Is Goodbye – Alaine Williams
10. Only A Tear – The Sharades
11. Trials Of Love – Derrick Harriott
12. Stay Off The Moon – The Soul Injection
13. Lost In The City – The Majors
14. Only Time Will Tell – The Ripples
15. Surrender – Toppiks
16. I Should Be Your Lover – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
17. Hey James – 21st Generations
18. Tell It Like It Is – The Marriots
19. I Didn’t Know – The TNJ’s
20. Is There Someone – The Ebonys


G MAN said...

More classic work by The Original EastSider.......way 2 get down one more time my brother!


SOLOE said...

reminds me of them good ol TVD days que no G-MAN. We're ahead of our time with these comps.

G MAN said...

You're right with that one homie.....I still remember when U first reached out 2 me....seemz like yesterday.....still remember making that first cover for ya and posting it up 4 SOLOE'S think how far we've both come from then.....amazing homie!


Juan Martinez said...

donde puedo descargarlo thanxs

Anonymous said...

the links are missing , of 2011 ,, however , the songs look great ,,, would you make the links again please ?
Piet Bocklandt
from belgium