Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Memories Of The Past Vol.4


Orale oldie lovers, get ready for another volume of the MEMORIES OF THE PAST series. Some firme cuts up in this one, so don't sleep. Any rola Little Julian Herrera is on is always firme. Check out track 16. SOLOE was telling me that cut isn't really an oldie, but he put it in cuz it sounds like it was done in the past. The Bees really did there thing on that rola. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. In Exchange For Your Love – Little Julian Herrera
2. Pretend – The Skytones
3. If I Were An Orange – Mel Vena Allen
4. He Is – Pippy Shannon
5. Lover’s Stand – The Fashions
6. You’re My Only Love – Billy Stewart
7. It Swells My Desire – The PhD’s
8. Only To Be Hurt – Little Henry Lee
9. The Third Degree – The Sequins
10. I Still Love You – The Seven Souls
11. Ohh, Boy! – The Adorables
12. It’s So Hard – Gene & Eddie
13. Oh Lord What Are You Doing To Me – Brenda & The Tabulations
14. Little Red Riding Hood (That’s What They Call Me) – Sheila Ferguson
15. No One Else Will Do – Dynamic Tints
16. I Love You – The Bees
17. The Harder We Try – The Inclinations
18. I’ll Weep For You – Sheila Ferguson
19. I’m So Lovely – Creation
20. Yours – The Three Degrees


Chris T said...

Great blog with firme tunes. Appreciate your effort. Thanks for sharing.

G MAN said...

Big shout out 2 the homiez SOLOE & CHUCO!

More heat from the vato that is alwayz on fire with the killer soul alwayz excellent work homie and big props on the new updated cover!


Garfield said...

Another great comp! Muchas gracias to you Chuco for sharing.