Friday, July 1, 2011

Dreaming Casually Vol.2



Just in time for your 3 day weekend. Here's the 2nd installment of the DREAMING CASUALLY series. Some firme rolas to start off your weekend. Grab the link and bump this in your ranfla. ENJOY!!

1. You And I (See Today) - Black Ivory
2. You Think That I’m A Fool - Brothers By Choice
3. Mystical Lover - T&E Corp
4. You Made The Choice - The Moments
5. We’ll Always Be Together - The Whatnauts
6. Here Stands The Man Who Needs You - George Wilson
7. I Dig You Baby - Kiki Dee
8. Only The Lonely Know - Pamoja
9. How Do You Think You’re Gonna Find Love - Heaven & Earth
10. Santa Kari - Ruben & The Jets
11. I Want You - Earl Lewis & The Channels
12. Someday - Cam Morris & The Don Coats Crusaders
13. So Strange - The Paragons
14. My Kind Of Woman - The Royal Jesters
15. Won’t You Let Me Know - The Del-Cords
16. It’s The Same Old Love - The Courtships
17. Together Again - The Shaddows
18. First Taste Of Hurt - Willie Tee
19. I’ll Erase You (From My Heart) - Phil Terrell
20. Someone To Talk To - James Brown


DustyRose said...

ah ha! found it! ty soloe bbs :)

SOLOE said...

lol...hope you enjoy it my ROSALIE ;)

Eric said...

Glad to see this series continuing. Thanks for the music!

Garfield said...

Very nice follow-up to vol 1...sweeeetttt! Thank you for sharing.

SOLOE said...

thanks for the feedback ERIC...and get ready for 11 more volumes down the future...hoped you enjoyed this set

SOLOE said...

glad you enjoyed it GARFIELD...and your comments are what get me going to keep on putting out these sets...thanks homie

JM said...

Awesome -- thanks, man!

MELLO said...

Say SOLOE, caught up with ya my brother. Sendin' you & yur homie CHUKO some luv & respect. From the looks around here, you guys got it goin' on.
Mas firme gents!

Dreaming Casually said...

Hey Soloe, I just posted another story I think you might enjoy....about Sleepy Lagoon, a story I have been intrigued by since I was a kid. Take care.....stay firme! ;-)

DustyRose said...

WOW Mi Soloe!! killer killer killer! just as I predicted.. Ruben & The Jets, Don Coats Crusaders, The Del-Cords ALL NEW 2 me! but no 2 ways about it, It wowed me all the way!! great job & gracias!!
YGM :)

SOLOE said...

what up JM

glad you enjoyed this set...and stay posted for more homie

SOLOE said...

orale...MELLO in the house!!

gracias for stopping by homeboy...I appreciate your comment. much respect

SOLOE said...


I knew you were gonna dig that RUBEN & THE JETS and them doo wop rolas. It's a plus when I can hook you up and wow you with them cuts. thanks for making me feel all special...=)

Zee Imports said...

how have i only found out about this blog?! damnnnn more heat

SOLOE said...

keep coming back ZEE...alot more firme rolas coming up soon. thanks for commenting. much respect