Friday, July 8, 2011

Memories Of The Past Vol.7


Friday is here once again, so here I am to drop another firme set of souldies to start your weekend off right. Got another unknown here on track 2, so just like before, I'd appreciate anyone who knows it to hit me up on the comments. Have a firme weekend, and let me know what you think of this compilation. ENJOY!!!

1. Lover’s Quarrell – Suzy Starr
2. I’m In The World – Unknown
3. She’s Already Married – Billy Bland
4. Take Me Back Again – Fred Martin
5. Kiss Me Goodnight – Tony Castle
6. Pains In My Heart – The Innocents
7. Those Bells – Bonnie & The Little Blue Boys
8. Gosh I’m Lucky – Carla Thomas
9. My Star All Alone – Rod Price
10. Say Girl (Where Have You Been) - The Group
11. Sleep Late My Lady Friend – Joe Jama
12. It’s Everything About You (That I Love) – Lee “Shot” Williams
13. Baby Boy – Juanita Williams
14. Did My Baby Call – Steve Mancha
15. Who Babe – Timothy Wilson
16. Does Love Believe In Me – Melba Moore
17. Caught In The Act Of Getting It On – Facts Of Life
18. Easy To Be True – People Choice
19. One Less Bell To Answer – Glady’s Knight & The Pips
20.‘Til You Come Back To Me – The Manhattans


Dreaming Casually said...

Firme list of rolas you got truly have a gift with finding the "needles in the haystack" don't you? Because these are seriously hard to find oldies but goodies!!!! I wrote another article about oldies yesterday too. Have a great weekend Soloe!-

bellabeasophia said...

Esta con Madre your site!!!!! DREAMING CASUALLY literally took the words out of my mouth.....

Chuco said...

Gracias Sophia...glad you're digging the site...and thanks for leaving the comment...makes it all worth it when I get a comment like yours...much respect

SOLOE said...


thanks for the comment's something about finding these rare oldie rolas that's a passion. gracias for checking us out...imma check out your article right now too girl...keep on doing your thang as well.