Monday, January 2, 2012

Darling, How Long Vol.2


HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Orale oldie lovers, how was everyones new years?? The year might be new, pero the rolas won't stop from this end. You can count on that. Here's 20 firme style oldies to start your new year right. Thanks to all that support this blog and take the time to comment. We do this for you and everyone who enjoys these firme rolas known as OLDIES. Hit the link and let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. An Invitation - The Dream-Timers
2. You’ve Got Me Crying - The Vibes
3. I’m Just A Man - Billy Butler & The Enchanters
4. So Much In Love - The Exceptions
5. Look At Me - The Uniques
6. Because Of You - Peaches & Herb
7. Look At Me Girl (Crying) - Jimmie Raye
8. Are You Choosing - The Gifted Four
9. Back To School Again - The Cashmeres
10. Little School Girl - Michael & The Continentals
11. Don’t You Think It’s Time - The Prophets
12. Lazy Lover - Geraldine Latham
13. Bound - Ponderosa Twins + One
14. Don’t Say Goodnight - The Bobbettes
15. This Thing Called Love - Richard & Jerry
16. There’s No One But You - The Strollers
17. Baby Don’t Go - The Occasions
18. Bet You Didn’t Know - Mind Readers
19. Am I Ever Gonna See My Baby Again - Vernon Green & The Medallions
20. Baby Think It Over - The Martinels



DustyRose said...

Great picks Chuco! enjoyed this today in the ride
Still get goosebumps when I hear that Strollers cut...this comp was right up my alley!! Nice cover & good job! TY :)

Lost Angel said...

all I can say is Damnn!! these songs were firme. This is the best oldie blog putting it down! gracias

Chuco said...

Welcome back Dustyrose, and thanks for commenting. that Strollers cut is one of my favorites as well. The cover was by my homeboy SOLOE. thanks

Chuco said...

Q-VO Lost Angel

glad you enjoyed this cd. And thanks for that comment, it's very much appreciated.

Kenneth said...

Soloe never a doubt in my mind that you will put together a firme comp. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of some. Much Love Homeboy Tonka!