Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drifting On A Memory Vol.8


Had to get one final post up before the new year. And just in time for the weekend que no? Here's 20 more firme rolas to add to your collection if you don't have them yet. This set will go perfect while partying the new year in...or to wind down from all that partying. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think. HAPPY NEW YEARS and ENJOY!!!

1. Look At Me – Retta Young
2. Now That I Know – Honey & The Bees
3. Gotta Find Her – Ambassadors Of Soul
4. My New Love – The Delfonics
5. Only Those In Love – The Fashions
6. Don’t Trade Love For Money – Jackie Russell
7. Tell Me Why – The De-Lites
8. Worried Over You – Eldrige Holmes
9. Since You Won My Heart – The Miracles
10. Keep Your Chin Up – Jackie Ross
11. He’s A Lover – Tutti Hill
12. Who’ll Be The Loser – The Feminine Society
13. My Last Chance – Marvin Gaye
14. If You Love Me – Lynn August
15. Baby I Love You So – The Tri-Dells
16. I’m Really In Love – The Resonics
17. Why Don’t You Give Me Your Heart – Denny & The LP’s
18. Strange As It Seems – The Lovers
19. Close To Me – Derrick Harriot
20. It’s Goodbye – The Chevells


Raton said...

Dang Homie! Thanx for all the jams!
Been collectin' them off your page for some time now & had to say GRACIAS!

Looking forward to playing them while grilling some carne asada in the hot Summer sun! In the meantime, they sound just as good chillin' out with my ol' Lady ;)

Happy New Years!

Lost Angel said...

Now this is the way to start the new year, with firme jams. Best oldies blog on the net! You always give me something I never heard before. Others just use the same songs from the Lost Soul Oldies compilations.

keep bringing them good jams

SOLOE said...

Orale RATON...thanks for the comment homeboy. Hope you like this set when you're out having that firme bbq.

SOLOE said...

what up LOST ANGEL

thanks for the props. It's truly appreciated. I try to bring something new to the table everytime. tu sabes. thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

that marvin gaye song is amazing. thanks for everything

SOLOE said...

no problem ANONYMOUS,

that MARVIN GAYE tune is killer. thanks for commenting

Chris T said...

Would love to hear these killer tunes Soloe, but there is no download link anymore. I must have been away from your wonderful blog too long.
Kindly provide a link, please.
Nuff respect!

Chuco said...

Orale Chris T

The link is back on homie, thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think about these tunes.

Chi-Town said...

Gracias for the new link, Chuco. Doo-Wop never sounded better.

..::SonyJack::.. said...

Gracias brother desde Lima Peru