Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Memories Of You Vol.2


Q-Vo oldie lovers, how's everyone's week going so far?? Here's some firme rolas to make your week go by smooth to get you thru the rest of the week. Here's another compilation I was working on for a few weeks that I finally finished. Shout out to SOLOE for another firme cover...gracias homeboy. Hit the link and tell me what you think. ALRATO

1. Always Yours - The Ideals
2. The Answer is Always You - The Tangerines
3. Baby I Love You - The Right Track
4. Baby I Need You - Johnny Tuitt
5. Can You Explain It - The Devotions
6. Darling I Love You - Arthur & The Covets
7. Can I Come Over Tonight - The Velours
8. Blame My Heart - The Meridians
9. The Answer To Love - The Gallahads
10. Each Night - Rochell & The Candles
11. The Best Girls Don’t Always Win - Betty Wright
12. Can I Change My Mind - Los Fabulosos Festivals
13. Can’t Get Strung Out - The Four Mints
14. Am I A Loser - Eddie Holman
15. Cross My Heart - George Jay & The Rockin’ Ravens
16. Always, My Darling - The Cadillacs
17. Get Well Soon - The Elegants
18. Falling Tears - The Jive Five
19. Baby - The Avons
20. Baby It’s You - The Spaniels


bellabeasophia said...

Love this Blog site!

Macabre5150 said...

Qvo Chuco,
firme drop carnal, gracias for the rolas.

Chuco said...

Gracias Bella,

comments like yours is what keeps us posting firme rolas for you to enjoy. Thanks

Chuco said...

orale Macabre5150,

firme that you liked this set of rolas, and gracias for commenting ese, much respect

DustyRose said...

Loved it Chuco, Thanks for the great tracks ;)

Chuco said...

Anytime Dustyrose, glad you liked the rolas, and thanks for commenting. It's much appreciated

SOLOE said...

aahhhh....I see my ROSALIE came thru....thanks for checking us out. =)

Leo Capello said...

whats in a name..."The Right Track" brought me here! Thank U!

Chuco said...

glad you checked us out Leo, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment back. Glad I can hook you up on that dope cut "the right track"....that joint is a heater!!