Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dreaming Casually Vol.7


Here comes another 20 firme style oldies just in time for Sunday. DREAMING CASUALLY VOL.7 will put you in that smooth groove for you to have a firme time. You know we had to start this year off right with some firme souldies compilations. So sit back and enjoy the trip. We barely gettting started. ENJOY!!!

1. Do You Remember - The Chanters
2.Someday - Kenny & Tommy
3. Drip Drop - The Dodgers
4. Can I Walk You Home - The Velours
5. Hard To Find The Right Girl - Kenny Gamble & The Romeos
6. I Get My Groove From You - Bobby Shannon
7. Uh, Uh, What Did I Do - The Jaedes
8. Ain’t Got The Love Of One Girl (On My Mind) - The Ambassador
9. Oops It Just Slipped Out - Courtship
10. Let Me Walk Away - Tippie & The Wisemen
11. Two Loving Hearts - Richard Barret & The Chantels
12. I Lost You - The Charters
13. This Happened Before - Brenda & Albert
14. I’d Rather Hurt Myself (Then To Hurt You) - Randy Brown
15.I Want To Be With You - Dee Dee Warwick
16.My Poor Heart - The Sunlovers
17. Never Again - The Magic Notes
18. Thinking Of You - The Silvertones
19. Eternal Dream - The Superiors
20.What Am I Guilty Of - Lee Williams & The Cymbals


brownboy said...

I really enjoyed the album, thanx again soloe!

Lost Angel said...

you did it again soloe!! nothing but killer oldies & doo wops. keep bringing them my way.

SOLOE said...

no problem BROWNBOY,

glad you enjoyed it...and thanks for commenting. much respect

SOLOE said...

glad you digged this set LOST ANGEL, am sure you gonna find alot more that you'll like. much respect for the comment