Thursday, January 19, 2012

Triple Threat Oldies


Orale oldie lovers, que onda. Got a firme post to get the weekend started since it's almost here. Here's an old compilation that the homie SOLOE & his partner G-MAN had made a couple years back. But they added WARPATHRUKA in the mix to ride with them. I don't know who she is, but she held her own with the fellas. One thing I can say about SOLOE, is that he knows how to put songs in the right order so they all just flow together. This album starts with some uptempo soul, and winds down with some of those firme oldies we like. So go ahead and hit the link, and let these 3 know what you think. ALRATO


I was looking at the info while getting the tracklist together, and found out that this comp was originally posted on Nov. 9, 2009. Trust me when I tell you that you'll be happy I dusted this badboy off the shelf. And G-MAN once again on the firme cover.

1. What Will Love Tend To Make You Do...THE MAD LADS
2. Walking Together...BOBBY MAC
3. Baby Let's Rap Now, Pt. 2...THE MOMENTS
4. Betcha Didn't Know...IMAGE
5. You're Gonna Get It...SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS
6. By Your Side...TOWER OF POWER
7. Frightened Girl...SILENT MAJORITY
8. You Only Get Out Of Love(What You Put In)...THE LOST GENERATION
9. I Don't Know About You...THE CONSTELLATIONS
10. I Would If I Could...THE AVONS
11. I'll Be On My Way...BOB & FRED
12. Heart Full Of Love...THE INVINCIBLES
13. How I Wish It Was Me You Loved...THE DELLS
14. It's Not What You Do...BOOBIE KNIGHT & SOULCIETY
15. Maybe I'm Mistaken...THE IMPRESSIONS
16. Please Be There...GLORIA GAYNOR
17. I Found My Love...M&M & THE PEANUTS
18. Look A Little Higher...THE UPTIGHTS
19. I'LL Take You Back...COOL SOUNDS
21. The Tears...CARL HENDERSON


G MAN said...

What a blast from the past! Big thanx 2 the homie Chuco for bringing this bad boy to light....especially for me.....I lost this baby long ago and completely forgot all about it.

Again big thanx to Chuco for the repost...and big thanx 2 my co-partners on this CD....Soloe and WarPathRuka!


Lost Angel said...

I said it once and I'll say it again, BEST OLDIES SITE ON THE NET!! This one was jamming. Thanks to warpathruka, soloe and g-man for making this impressive album. And thanks to chuco for bringing this back.

DvsMiddlefingaz said...

this site is amazing i love it

SOLOE said...

we did a firme job on this album if I do say so suprised me with this one CHUCO...good looking out.

SOLOE said...


comments like yours is why we post the firme rolas that we do. glad you liked this set.

SOLOE said...

sup DVS

glad you found the home where classic and hard to find oldies live! and thanks for your comment, it's really appreciated. much respect

Peter T. Man said...

"Baby Let's Rap Now" by the "MOMENTS" is my favorite song of the set. Great song, by a Group that should be in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. They put Grand Master Flash in, why not the MOMENTS.

RossyBoy said...

Memories are made of this ! Whatever happened to WarPathRuKa - she still in the army and away at war or back from Iraq ??!! She was the kind of homegirl who knew her firme tunes OK ! Hope she still keeps in touch with someone. As for the main man Solo; he's still struttin' his stuff (Orale, hcarnal !). And the G Man still there to pull the strings.

Great post, Choco.

Chris T said...

Thanks a lot for this firme comp Choco.

Trouble said...

mas firme que WOW homie, keep getting down with the rolas. big ups!!

WarPathRuka said...

Yes, I remember this one!

Glad I was able to contribute. I go by MURDERGHOST on Instagram.
Nowadays, I spin at local events and on internet radio shows... All Vinyl!

Much Love to you all...