Sunday, January 15, 2012

SOLOE'S Soul Samples Vol.2


Orale oldie lovers, how's everyones sunday coming along?? Thought I'd drop volume 2 of this series.  
These are soul samples that rappers use to make there hits. Some of them aren’t your usual soul that we are use to here…but it’s a bit of a change. Being a music lover, I can appreciate how some of these rappers flipped these songs. As usual, hit the link, and tell me what you think. ALRATO

1. Valerie Simpson – Silly Wasn’t I (50 Cent – Best Friend)
2. Friends Of Distinction – And I Love Him (Rick Ross – Maybach Music)
3. The Isley Brothers – Let’s Fall In Love (2pac – Better Dayz original version)
4. The Whispers – You Are Number One (213 – I’m Fly)
5. Aretha Franklin – Call Me (Slum Village – Selfish)
6. Willie Hutch – Baby, Come Home (Ghostface – Back Like That)
7. The Chi-Lites – That’s How Long (Jay-Z – Dec 4th)
8. The Tavares – Out Of The Picture (50 Cent – Many Men)
9. Joe Simon – Before The Night Is Over (Outkast – So Fresh & So Clean)
10. The Originals – Lie No.2 (Ghostface – Paisley Darts)
11. Eddie Holman – It’s Over (Ghostface – Nutmeg)
12. The Five Special – Do Something Special (Little Brother – Say It Again)
13. Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor (D.O.C – Funky Enough)
14. Bobby Blue Bland – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Jay-Z – Heart Of The City)
15. Jerry Butler – I’m Your Mechanical Man (Method Man – Bring The Pain)
16. Gil Scott-Heron – We Almost Lost Detroit (Common – The People)
17. Chocolate Milk – Girl Callin’ (WC – The One)
18. Curtis Mayfield – We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue (Tru-Life – Tru life intro)


Anonymous said...

this compilation is sick!!! Glad I found this blog. I can only imagine what volume 1 got. Thanks so much for this

- Chicanita

brownboy said...

Its cool to see where alot of those rappers sampled from, and to hear the origonal version of the song..
MUCH thanx, respect..

Lost Angel said...

This comp was bad ass soloe. I didn't know many of the songs were just old songs from the past. Good job on this set. Imma have to check out volume 1 now. thanks alot.

SOLOE said...

gracias CHICANITA...I appreciate the comment, and glad you liked this set. I'm sure you'll like volume 1 as well.

SOLOE said...

Q-vole BROWNBOY..simon's a trip how some flip the og songs...glad you enjoyed this set..and thanks for coming back and commenting.

SOLOE said...

glad you liked this set LOST ANGEL, and thanks for commenting. there's alot more to come so get ready for a firme ride

Anonymous said...

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Macabre5150 said...

Qvo Soloe,
This album looks firme, can i get a new link thanks homie.