Friday, April 15, 2011

Memories Of You


Orale oldie lovers,

The weekend is here once again, so you know I had to drop another set of firme rolas for you to get your weekend on. This Set is no different than the rest, puro firme love oldies to either remind you of someone you cared about, or are still with. Some of these songs reminded me of my homegirl SHADY from shadyville, I'm sure she'll know which ones, lol. So anyone who cops this, leave a comment and tell me what you think. ALRATO

1. My Memories Of You - Yolanda & The Naturals
2. When You Touch Me - Skyy
3. Straight From The Heart - Con Funk Shun
4. I Do - The Moments
5. (It's The Way) Nature Planned It - The Four Tops
6. Runaway - Sunny Ozuna
7. I'm Sorry - Mary Wells
8. I'm No Good For You - Barbara Mason
9. Give Her Up - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
10. That's The Way You Tend To Business - The Players
11. Something I Wanna Tell You - Johnny & The Expressions
12. Keep Your Head To The Sky - Earth, Wind, & Fire
13. If You Care - The Metronomes
14. Please Say You Want Me Too - The Schoolboys
15. My Darling - Little Isidore & The Inquistors
16. My World Of Ectasy - Reggie Soul & Soul Swingers
17. Pretty Baby - The C.O.D.'s
18. Come Back - The Five Stairsteps
19. Dream Girl - The Spindels
20. Now Girl - The Lyrics
Memories Of You


Sandy said...

How can I get these cds..

Chuco said...

just click on the megaupload link to get it...let me know what you thought of the cd once you listened to it.

Anonymous said...