Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.2


Que onda oldie lovers. We're halfway thru the week, so here goes a lil more firme oldies to help you cruise the rest of the week till the weekend. Some bad ass rolas in this one. So scoop this one up, and leave a comment to let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. You’re Breaking My Heart – Lee Fields
2. Ain’t No Reason – The Esquires
3. Bet You Never Thought About It – The New Sound
4. I’ll Never Go Tired – Rosie Lopez
5. I Need You – Otis Leavill
6. I Was Made To Love Her – Theron & Derrell
7. Time Hasn’t Changed You – Carol Chandler
8. It Won’t Be Easy – Vonciel Myers
9. Drip Drop – Tony Daniels
10. I’m A Man – The Delfonics
11. I Still Love You – T.S.U. Tornadoes
12. Small Town Girl – Jimmy Tick & The Rounders
13. Why Did I Let You Go – Chester Randle’s Soul Senders
14. Where Were You ( When I Needed You) – Cynthia & The Imaginations
15. What Can A Man Do – Gino Washington
16. Young Girl – The Soul-Fay
17. My Love – The Fabulous Malibus
18. He’s Gonna Love Me The Right Way – Olivia Alexander
19. Been So Long – The Key Masters
20. When The Hurt Is Put Back On You – Different Shades Of Brown


G MAN said...

Classik work from the EASTSIDER....SOLOE in the house. Great series you can only do it!

Congrats on your new firme site CHUCO....straight class homie!


Chuco said...

Orale G-MAN, what up homeboy!

SOLOE comes with some firme rolas que no?? I got some compilations that you and SOLOE did that are dynamite. You 2 vatos get down!! Hope you don't mind me posting them up here. gracias for your comments

G MAN said...

Itz all good CHUCO.....anything the homie SOLOE & I layed down....consider it yourz homie!


bbtdog said...

any possibility of getting 2011 compilations....I love theses posts
would be greatly appreciated