Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Contract On Love


Orale oldie lovers, how was everybody's Easter? Got another firme set of rare soul oldies for you. Another mix of Doo Wops & Oldies, starting off with a firme tune by a young little Stevie Wonder. You know everything Barbara Mason is on, is firme, and this rola on track 8 is no different. You know the deal, leave a comment and tell me what you think. ALRATO

1. Contract On Love - Little Stevie Wonder
2. Down On My Knees - The Heartbeats
3. Don’t Be Jealous - The Isley Brothers
4. For Keeps(Acappella) - 14 Karet Soul
5. Big Boy - Jackson 5
6. After All - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
7. Baby I’ma Want You - The Moments
8. Caught In The Middle - Barbara Mason
9. Don’t You Ever Let It End - Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds
10. Dearest One - Lamont Dozier
11. Find Me - The Attractions
12. Cindy - Taste Of Love
13. He’s Gone - The Chantels
14. Goodbye Cruel World - Linda Griner
15. Does He Treat You Better - Unique Blend
16. Certain Kind Of Love - The Lovelites
17. Animated Heart - The Explosions
18. Cry No More - The C.O.D’s
19. Extra Ordinary People - The Softones
20. Dawn Of A New Day - The Unifics
21. Found True Love - Billy Butler & The Four Enchanters
22. Call On Me - The Four Reputations


Garfield said...

BIG BIG comp you laid down here!! 22 tracks worth every minute of playing time. Track #7 is da bomb...but all tracks qualify as being DYNOMITE!!!

Thanks for this superb gem!


Chuco said...

thanks for the feedback Garfield, & glad you liked this comp. that moments rola you mention is a bad ass song. once again, thanks for the comment and check back for more firme tracks


recordguy said...

Hey--I just wanted to say you can never have enough oldies--particularly doo-wop. Thanks for the good tunes--I'll be back regularly.
THE Recordguy

Chuco said...

Q-vo Recordguy, I feel the same way you do, there is never enough when it comes to oldies/doowops. Thanks for you comment, hope you enjoy this compilation.

rocka61 said...


Davis said...

how can i get that song by Taste of Love called Cindy

Chuco said...

Q-Vo Rocka61,

anytime homeboy, thanks for coming on and commenting. really appreciate it.

Chuco said...

orale Davis,

check it out homie, all you gotta do is click on the megaupload link, wait till the count down finishes up for free users, click on it and you'll be on your way to listening to that TASTE OF LOVE tune. thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Any luck with uploading this compilation again? Thanks in advance


Homie senme a link del cd lo perdi con mis archivos og_ezemenace@hotmail.com please