Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Memories Of The Past Vol.2

Orale oldie lovers, back again to drop another firme compilation. This got some of that Texas style oldies/doo wop feel. Track 8 is just what every oldie fan likes, that firme style oldie to cruise in your ride. Drop a comment and let me know which rolas got you going. ALRATO

1. Tonight – The Mar-Vels
2. I Found An Angel – Tony Allen
3. I’m Truly, Truly Yours – The Perez Brothers
4. Why Don’t You Write Me – Johnny & The Sinceres
5. Close Your Eyes – Sunny & The Sunliners
6. I Need And Love You – The Precisions
7. Say That You Love Me – George Ray & The Rockin’ Ravens
8. Here’s My Song – The Preludes
9. You Send Me – Sunny & The Sunliners
10. Fat Boy – Billy Stewarts
11. Slowglow – Vince Cantu
12. Happiness Togetherness – Heatwave
13. It’s You That I Need – Enchantment
14. Mama I Miss You – The Moments
15. Someone Who Cares – The Royal Five
16. Falling In Love With You – The Playboys
17. With This Ring – Danny Segovia
18 Searching For Love – Charlie Page
19. My Heart Remembers – Spyder & The Playboys
20. Eternal Love – Danny & The Dreamers


WOO DOPS said...

Great looking comps....will be sure to check them out....thanks for the comment on my blog!

Chuco said...

Thanks for the comment WOO DOPS, hope you enjoy the comps.

Sandy said...

I really want this cd.. I love close my eyes can never find it

Chuco said...

orale sandy, all you gotta do is hit the link and you got yourself a firme cd. Let me know what you think of it once you finish listening to it.

G MAN said...

Classik cover with the classik rolas......excellent work once again Soloe!

Big shout out 2 the homie Chuco 2!


Fernando said...

Where is the link for this CD, It's not there, could you help me out?