Thursday, February 23, 2012

Drifting On A Memory Vol.9


Once again getting you ready for the weekend with some firme rolas to get your party on. Hopefully you can pick up some tunes you ain't heard or got. As always, we welcome comments to let us know what you think. Stay safe and hope all of you have a firme weekend. ENJOY!!!

1. Good Boy Gone Bad - Carole Quinn
2. Glamour Girl - Harvey & The Seven Sounds
3. Thinking About The Days - Chapter One
4. Do You Understand - Honey & The Bees
5. Maybe, If I Leave You - Richmond International
6. Fool Of The Year - Split Image
7. Wish You Were Here - Richard Russell
8. I Don’t Wanna Lose You - Tami Young
9. If I Knew - The Fabulous Four
10. I Would Like To Know - Benny Turner & The Armourettes
11. Come Get It - Honey & The Bees
12. Whisper A Love Chant - The Ambitions
13. Tears - Force M.D.’s
14. Rainy Night - Smoke
15. Call On Me - Danny Bell
16. Country Girl (You’re My Everything) - The Nights
17. Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything) - The Dramatics
18. I’ve Got To Overcome - The Sequins
19. It Must Be Love - Wes Wells & The Steelers
20. Sugar Brown - Jimmy Briscoe & The Little Beavers


laraider said...

Gracias Soloe & Chuco for all your hard work. I can always trust in you guys for firme rolas. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

some nice songs you got here. you guys are amazing with this blog. thanks for all you do


Anonymous said...

damn homie, you guys come thru with some sick ass cd's. that track 8 by tami young is firme. thanks for posting some firme oldies.

Mister Cartoon

Anonymous said...

you never disappoint with your posts. I enjoy the songs, and I always look forward to the covers. you got a real one two combination that works for you. keep on keeping on. thanks for all you do


brownboy said...

Soloe & Chuco, thank you for that bomb a## comp, Much thankyouz & respect ...

Lost Angel said...

what's up Soloe & Chuco. thanks for all the tunes you guys put out. Track 14 by Smoke is a killer!!! I'm already anticipating the next compilation.

roulcomp said...

another great compilcation thank you for sharing the drops keep on droping.

maaayonaise said...

Some killer songs on this mix. Any chance I can get a download link?

Much Appreciation,