Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Echoes Of Love


What's happening oldies lovers?? Here's a lil project I put out for all of you out there celebrating Valentines Day. And for the single homies & homegirls, you can enjoy these rolas tambien. To many firme rolas on this one, but if I had to pick a favorite, it's track 9 by TOWER OF POWER. I've been bumping this one for 2 weeks straight. Such a firme song to cruise to. So get this bad boy and turn up the volume while you're with your loved one or amongst friends. Shout out to the homie SOLOE for a dynamite cover. Hit the link and tell me what you think. ALRATO

1. Echoes ( Of Love) - The Interiors
2. Sometimes I Wonder - The Heartbeats
3. Girl Of Mine - El Capris
4. Wait For Me - Shirley Jackson
5. I Call It Love - Johnny & The Expressions
6. Fool Don’t Laugh - Rose St. John & The Wonderettes
7. There’ll Come A Time - Balance
8. Shy Guy - Bobby Mac
9. Sparkling In The Sand - Tower Of Power
10. You Can’t Blame Me - Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr
11. Tammie - Richard Coombs
12. Settle Down - The Flirtations
13. Living Just For You - Rapid Transit
14. Storybook Of Love - The Superbs
15. Losing My Touch - Maxine Brown
16. I Tried My Best - Ben Iverson & Nue Day Express
17. Row My Boat - The Four Mints
18. I’ll Always Love You - Lyde, Fisher & Giles
19. I’m Leaving The Choice To You - Fontella Bass
20. I’ve Got To Find A Way - Halleluiah Chorus


Anonymous said...

whatever you do, don't stop posting these gangster tunes!!! You're killing me softly with these jams. thanks for everything chuco.

- honey

hennydrinker said...

I thought the TOM vol.3 was bad ass, then I get this, and you blowing my mind!!! that Tower of Power cut is off the hook!! I like how you throw in some doo wops in the mix. I found my new blog. thanks for everything

G MAN said...

Excellent drop. A killer set of rolas to go along with a knockout cover. Loved the Fontella Bass cut and the The Flirtations track. Killer album 4 sure....big thanx to CHUCO & SOLOE for this album!


P-Stylze said...

Q-Vole Carnals,

This is a FIRME comp homie...That cut my Ben Iverson & The Nue Day Express is sweet homie...gracias for this comp...

Lost Angel said...

from beginning to end this cd was firme. gracias for putting it down, straight gangster style!!! keep bringing us them firme rolas

brownboy said...

Solo & Chuco, FIRME tracks all the way through, thank you 4 this sweet comp!

Nava-915 said...

Thanks for the rolas bien firme,
Chekout my oldies


roulcomp said...

thank you for the qwesome drop can not wait tom hear them. thanks fro sharing.

P-nokill said...

Thank you for great music!!!