Tuesday, February 7, 2012

These Old Memories Vol.3


Thought I'd take a crack at this series here. Can't let CHUCO have all the fun que no?? Here's a firme set of rolas to get you thru the week getting you ready for the weekend. Some familiar ones you might recognize, along with some others you might not. Either way you'll come up on some firme rolas to get you cruising. Let me know what you think on the comments section. ENJOY!!!

1. Since You’ve Been Gone - Jenoll Hawkinds & The Dreamers
2. You Waited Too Long - The Five Stairsteps
3. We Got To Stay Together - The Honey & The Bees
4. Stay Together Young Lovers - Brenda & The Tabulations
5. You May Not Love Me - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
6. The Girl Of My Dreams - The Majestics
7. Lonely Way - The Skyliners
8. Starlights & Moonbeams - George Goodman
9. My Dearest Darling - The Clefftones
10. Cruise To The Moon - The Rock A Tones
11. Tell Me What I Did Wrong - James Brown & The Famous Flames
12. Somethin’s Bad - The Nomads
13. Baby - The Young Brothers
14. Your Love Is All I Need - The Temprees
15. I’m Gonna Make Love Last This Time - The Inclinations
16. Wear My Ring - The Creators
17. Jeannie Girl - The Charmers
18. Paula Is Mine - The Tones
19. If You Ever - Gigi & The Charmaines
20. You’ve Never Really Lived - Frederick Knight


Chris T said...

Nuff thanks Soloe, really love your selections.
Could you provide links for the three comps posted in March 2011.

Lost Angel said...

this line up was sick!! I've been a fan of yours for a while now, and you never disappoint. thanks for everything soloe, straight gangster rolas to go with the gangster cover.

hennydrinker said...

my homegirl told me about your site and i'm glad she did. I love your style of music. This is totally different from all the rest of the blogs out there. keep bringing us these treasure picks of yours.

brownboy said...

Hey Soloe, this is a wicked comp homeboy ! all that work you put in speaks 4 itself!!

Anonymous said...

chingao!! you vatos are putting it down when it comes to firme rolas!! please don't stop posting firme cuts. you vatos are killing the other blogs, straight up

- La Greedy

Eric said...

Great stuff - thanks for the music!

roulcomp said...

thank you all the great muisc and all your hard making these comp's thank you for sharing.