Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love On A Two Way Street


Here's a new series SOLOE started, filled with some firme oldies for your listening pleasure. You know how he does it, a mixture of hard to find oldies alongside some firme doo wops. Can't go wrong with that combination. I just listened to it myself, and trust me, this is gonna make your day go by smooth tomorrow. Go ahead and get this badboy on the quickness and get ready for some firme rolas heading your way. Drop a comment and let us know what you think. ENJOY!!!

1. Love On A Two Way Street - The Springs
2. Trouble In My Life - Cookie With Berry Cups
3. Over Again - Honorable Fats Wilson
4. Over The Mountain (part 2) - Johnnie & Joe
5. Lost Legend - The Four Grand
6. Back Home To Stay - Pete Kado
7. I Call You Out By Your Name - Barbara Mason
8. Love Don’t Change - Laurene LaVallis
9. You’ll Be Sorry - The Fascinations
10. I Need You - The Sophisticates
11. Sunday Morning - Bob Marley & The Wailers
12. This Boy - The Beatles
13. Legend Of Love - The Tremonts
14. Blue Victory - The Meridians
15. If I Can’t Have You - The Flamingos
16. I Do Believe - The Crystals
17. Never Will I Love You Again - The Relatives
18. Throw A Farewell Kiss - The Velvelettes
19. You’re On Top Girl - The Empires
20. I Found A Love - The Lovelites


COCHITO-TJ664 said...


Nava-915 said...

Gracias de cora Chuco & Soloe for this firme drop!

Chekout my Rolas

Dave Thomas said...

Thanks very much, intriguing the Beatles included with a soul comp
Though I must admit it is a good song "This Boy"



G MAN said...

Excellent drop homie....lots of dope cuts on here to go along with your dynamic cover.....much thanx for this one EastSider AND BIG thanx 2 the homie CHUCO for posting this bad boy up!


hennydrinker said...

YESS!!! this saturday is gonna be firme listening to this and having a few beers with the homies and homegirls. Track 6,7,8,10,12,14, oh hell, this whole line up is incredible. you got a fan for life. do you sell these cd's ?

Up in Smoke said...

damn u just made my weekend sweeter homie..thanks for the badass drop!

Fernando said...

THANKS SOLOE & Chuco!!!!!!! Much, much appreciated for all the hard work you put in. I've downloaded several comps from you guys already and I've failed to leave a comment. Dope comp, dope site and I enjoy your guys' taste in soul music. Will be looking forward to your next offerings.

brownboy said...

Soloe & Chuco, a FIRME selection of tracks and cover homies, thank you!

Chi-Town said...

Nice and firme. Props to the crew on this one.

Chris T said...

Thanks Soloe & Chuco for these firme tunes.

Dj Slick Ric said...

Gracias for the firme rolas

Anonymous said...

awesome comp great art work om front cover thank you for sharing