Monday, September 5, 2011



Here's a lil blast from the past. This compilation has become legendary since it came out bout 2 yrs ago. If you haven't gotten this one yet...go ahead and hit the link cuz you about to hear some firme ass rolas. Gotta thank G-MAN for hooking me up with that dope ass cover that he always gets down on. This is what started it all ladies & gentlemen....ENJOY!!!

There was a mix up on the links...sorry for that link is posted for SOLOE'S OLDIES VOL.9

1. Understand – The Living Us
2. Make You Mine – Honey & The Bees
3. Only When Your Lonely – Holly Maxwell
4. Sitting Alone In My Lonely Room – The Otisettes
5. I’m The Guy – The Yeoman
6. All My Friends Call Me A Fool – Larry Saunders
7. Everytime I See My Baby – The Delfonics
8. I Need Your Love – Patti Labelle & The Bluebelles
9. Leave Her Alone – Little Ray Jimenez
10. Over My Dead Body – Benny & Tina
11. Choose Me – The Debonettes
12. Story Book – Sweet Cherries
13. I’m In Love – The Turbulations
14. Love Is What You Make It – Sweet Cherries
15. Something To Remember You By – Brighter Side Of Darkness
16. Someone – California Playboys
17. We’re Gonna Make It – Masterpiece
18. There Is Something On Your Mind – Bobby Marchan
19. There’s Nothing On Your Mind – The Teen Queens
20. Daddy’s Home – Shep & The Limelites
21. Sorry Daddy – The Sweethearts


G MAN said...

Straight classic from one of the all-time greatest soul collectors......grab this diamond immediately.....guarantee you won't be dissapointed!


Garfield said...

Much appreciated. Real soul-touching rolas. Gracias.

Chuco said...

Simon G-MAN, couldn't have said it better. This doesn't disappoint at all!!

Chuco said...

Much respect Garfield, thanks for the comments and glad you enjoying these firme rolas.

mff1221 said...

Thank you for your work and the joy that you deliver to his listeners. There is a slight problem: and I have a link called Lonely Town Rolas Vol.9:) please check this link. Thank you very much.

Chuco said...

Thanks for the comment MFF...and good looking out on that error....I apologize...the right link is up now...enjoy!!