Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.9


Orale oldie lovers, get ready for another trip to LONELY TOWN. These ROLAS will have you on cruise control just in time for the weekend. If anyone knows the names of track 6 & 7, give me a holler in the comment section, I'd really appreciate it. Hit the link and let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. I Love You So – Johnny Flamingo
2. Sad, Sad Day – The Superbs
3. I’m Gonna Love You – The Younghearts
4. Wake Up – Image
5. High On Your Love – Kings Go Forth
6. I Wanna Be Your Baby – Unknown
7. Anything – Unknown
8. Hello Baby – The Majestics
9. Make It Last – The Vibrations
10. I Love You – Fred Moss
11. I’ll Always Love You – The Festivals
12. True By You – The Tic Tocs
13. Ain’t Cha Ever Coming – The Starlights
14. I Think Of You – Lady Fox & The Foxettes
15. You Know I Love You – Barbara Stant
16. Sad Feeling – Cicero Blake
17. Someone – The Contrails
18. Where Is The Love – Glen Miller
19. I Love Your Love – The Equations
20. It’s Just Like Magic – Gas Light


Raton said...

hey homie, this post is a double post because your last update for soloes oldies 9 has the same link for lonely town oldies 9.

check it.

Chuco said...

Orale bad on the mix up of links carnal....I got it fixed check out SOLOE'S OLDIES'll be digging them rolas in no time.

the midniter (EL RASCAO.) (EL DICKIES) said...

gracias mi loko de verdad muchas gracias homie / i love oldies....take care

Chuco said...

orale Midniter,

no problem ese, gracias por tus comments. come back soon homie. mucho respeto