Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drifting On A Memory Vol.5



Back to drop another firme compilation, so get ready. Some firme souldies in here with a few doo wops in the mix. Just in time to get you ready for that 3 day weekend coming. Hit me up on the comments & let me know what you think. Enjoy!!

1. I Like To Be – The Ultimate Blacks
2. Keep On Lovin’ You – Otto & The Sensations
3. My Baby’s Gone Away – The Chymes
4. Why Oh Why – Little Alice
5. Woman, Why – The Debonaires
6. Darling, I Love You – Larry Saunders
7. (That’s Why) Baby I Love You – The Jaggerz
8. Heaven Right Here (On Earth) – Leroy Hutson
9. You Mean Everything To Me – Black Ivory
10. Dream On Dream On – Ice Water Slim & The 4th Floor
11. Standing On Guard – The Falcons
12. Someone – The Honey-Do’s
13. Bells – The Playgirls
14. A Lonely Man’s Prayer – The Bleu Lights
15. You’re Everything To Me – Chase & Gene
16. I Found Someone New – The Prizes
17. Seriously In Love – John Ashley & Eddie Cochran
18. Groove Me With Your Lovin’ – Doris & Kelly
19. Sparkle In A Woman’s Eye – Andre & Zero Plus
20. Say It – The Masqueraders


laraider said...

Alwayz with the gangsta rolas. Your doing a firme job. Gracias for all your hard work.

Chuco said...

Orale RAIDER...gracias for the comment carnal...and glad you liked these firme rolas..much respect

AsphaltTalk said...

I would love a link to this album if possible! Great job!

RubenCXXIII said...

Where's the Link...Wanna Hear
Me some L. Saunders...Gracias
Por Todo!!! These Rolitas were the olny way to get over Six days of Madness...