Friday, August 5, 2011



A big Q-VO to all the oldie lovers out there this friday. Was out for a hot minute but I'm back on the grind and what better way to start the weekend with volume 8 of the SOLOE'S OLDIES series. You can't go wrong with RALFI PAGAN starting it off with a firme ass rola. Check out track 6 as well, and just like the song says, if you're with your loved one, you might just make a baby to that rola LOL. check it out and let me know what you think by dropping a comment. ALRATO

1. I Could Never Hurt You Girl – Ralfi Pagan
2. Aces Up Your Sleeve – Brenton Wood
3. A Thousand Wonders – Archie Bell & The Drells
4. Tighten Up – Archie Bell & The Drells
5. So I Can Love You – The Emotions
6. Lets Make A Baby – Billy Paul
7. Operator – Brenda Holloway
8. I’m Nobody’s – The Turbans
9. Don’t Stop Now – Ralfi Pagan
10. I Want Love – Brenton Wood
11. Hey Mr. Lonesome – The Carltons
12. I Love And Lost – The Escorts
13. Lovin’ You – The Gifts
14. My Dream – Ralfi Pagan
15. Could This Be Magic – The Dubs
16. Lonely Girl – Ann Keith
17. Remember Then – The Earls
18. One Minute Baby – Brothers Of Soul
19. I Want You Back – The Larks
20. Don’t Ever Leave – The Marvelettes


P-Stylze said...

What's up Ese,
Keep putting it down homie with these FIRME ass comps..This is a treat for all them soudie lovers out there....

Check ur mail ese....

Dreaming Casually said...

ooh I love this one!!! You are so right, you can never go wrong with Ralphi Pagan! Love your choice of oldies, you really got the hook up on seriously hard to find rolas! Much love y respeto!

DustyRose said...

Gracias Mi Soloe ! I remember having this vol missing for months..every one was asking me about it..I don't know how I missed this one but glad u sent it my way! I always enjoy ur comps cuz they is baddazz :)

Dreaming Casually said...

Hey Soloe- I put a link to your site on Lowriders Oldies Forever Facebook page....Just to give you the heads up. -take care, Dreaming Casually! ;-)

Chuco said...

orale P-stylze, gracias for the props homie

SOLOE said...

Hey there mi ROSALIE...Alot of people had hit me up about this one as well....I never posted this one on the TVD blog cuz that's when that lame BOBBY was selling them on ebay.

Thanks for your compliment made my day always make my day either way ;)

SOLOE said...

q-vole DREAMING....glad you enjoyed this one homegirl. and good looking out on that post on facebook. I appreciate it. keep enjoying these firme oldies but goodies.

Tohnny Cool said...

Hey!!! Can you post the download link please? Saludos desde Mexico!

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