Wednesday, May 13, 2015

These Old Memories Vol.5

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Getting back in the scene with a gangsta lean. Here's volume 5 of the THESE OLD MEMORIES series.  Once again, we got a mix of some firme souldies & doo wops. This will get your volo grooving in no time. Hit the link & let me know what you think. ALRATO!!


1. Confidential - Rosie & The Originals
2. Shy One - Linda  The Impossible Carr
3. Then I’ll Be Tired Of You - The Holidays
4. Tell Him About It - The Marcels
5. Yesterday’s Laughter - The Sheltons
6. Take Me Away - Carolyn Cooke
7. Sweet Memories - Robert Tanner
8. I Don’t Want Nobody Else - Terry Callier
9. One Kindness Deserves Another - The Significants
10. Wishing - Ruby Winters
11. Since You Left Me - The Dream Merchants
12. It’s To Late For Love - The Vanguards
13. That’s The Way It Is - Love
14. 22 Years From Love - Earl Lewis & The Chanells
15. Creation Of Love - Calvin & The Catamounts
16.  Pushing A Good Thing - Barbara Lewis
17. Oh Yes I Do - Eight Minutes
18. It’s Going To Be A Tragedy - Dusty Wilson
19. One Track Mind - Spring
20. At The Hotel - Eunice Collins


OG SADBOY said...

gracias por este otro volumen mas a esta coleccion

soulpapa said...

Nice comp! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

yesssss!!! welcome back and thank you for the music


O.G. Joey said...

Thanks oldie soul forever orale

laraider said...

Back at with a vengeance Soloe. I like it. Thanks for all your hard work.

SOLOE said...

Orale , what's up vatos locos...thanks for the comments and glad you're enjoying this comp.

and can't keep out vivian, what's up homegirl, thanks for the kind words, hope you enjoyed this set

O.G. Joey said...

Hey homie can you reup Eastside envy vol 1 much love gracias for all you do

Anonymous said...

gracias for the firme rolas!!! MUCH LOVE

Anonymous said...

Man, i have old classics too, but you "guys", are tuff bro! but your mix is amazing full of that classic rare rolas, "yesterdays laughter" by the sheltons just takes me back to pomona ca-ontario-chino and that whole area-thank you for the trip! great work

Virgilio Martinez said...

you dont have any old school oldies vol 1,2,3,4