Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spanish Oldies Vol.2

 photo SPANISH OLDIES 2.1.jpg

Found this post floating around for a year or so by Chuco, so decided to finish it up while he's away. Back at it again with another firme compilation for this Cinco de Mayo / big fight weekend. Just like vol.1, this set has some firme oldies but goodies in spanish. It's a short set, but these 13 rolitas will have all your familia grooving just firme.

A special dedica to all the homies & homegirls from Tijuas, who been great supporters to this blog even while I was away. To every follower of this blog that kept checking back ALL this time while this site stood still, leaving comments on when I'll be back, wishing me well....A BIG GRACIAS from this vato loco. Now hit that download link and bump these rolas!! hit me up on the comments and let me know what you think. ALRATO!!


For those who missed volume 1 ...a new link is available!! Hit up the SPANISH OLDIES post, and ENJOY!!

1.Te Quiero A Ti - California Brass
2. Hablame - Grupo Misterio
3. Hola Estraño - Vianey Valdez
4. Eres Tu - Los Moonlights
5.  La Ciudad Donde Vivo - Grupo Misterio
6. Este Es El Momento - California Brass
7. Yo Soy - Los Friends
8. Sin Ti - Los Rockin' Devils
9. Yo Te Confieso Mi Amor - TJ Famas
10. Amor Sin Suerte - Las Moscas
11. Nena Eres Tu - Los Buhos
12. Nunca Sera Terminado Para Mi - Timi Yuro
13. Together - Tierra


OG SADBOY said...

gracias por esta muy buena seleccion

OG SADBOY said...

muy buen albun para esta coleccion gracias por su trabajo

CanoMan CanoMan said...

Gracias Soloe these are some great spanish oldies that are hard to find great job on this comp.

DustyRose said...

Gracias Mi Soloe ! :)!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah!!! glad to see this site being active again. I said it once, and I'll say it again, BEST OLDIE SITE AROUND!!! thanks for the music


HTS said...

These were amazing thank you

Samuel Aguilar said...

Gracias puras de TJ

Saša Ostoja said...