Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love On A Two Way Street Vol.2

Been hanging on this for a long time, so by now most of you should have these rolas, but if you don't, then get this bad boy now!! Some firme hard to find souldies on this one. A big shout out to all the gente who been dropping comments on the regular, it's much appreciated. I'll keep it short so you can get to downloading this comp and start enjoying the firme tunes. ENJOY!!!
1. Love On A Two Way Street - Lezli Valentine
2. Why Baby Why - Billy Brown & The Ballads
3. Baby - Ray Liberto
4. You’ve Been Gone Too Long - Donoman
5. I Feel In My Heart - Mary Wheeler & The Knights
6. Lonely Boy - John Hurley
7. Last Saturday Night - The C-Notes
8. Pineapple Moon - The Torquays
9. Our Love Is Over - Tony & The Raindrops
10. I Don’t Want Everything - Jimmy McHugh
11. Well Darling - The Legends
12. I’m So Sorry - The Viceroys
13. Always On My Mind - Ray Stevens
14. Dear Donnie - Roberta Watson & The Calenders
15. What Is My Birthday - June August
16. Key To Our Love - Laurene LaVallis
17. Come Back To Me - The Fi-Dells
18. Oops - Tabs
19. Always Be Mine - Sammy Vaughn & The Starmarks
20. The Girl For Me - Bo Freeman


Soulmaster said...

Thnx for a perfect music!!! Muchos gracias!!!

Fernando said...

THANKS Soloe & Chuco!!!!! Don't think I got this one, looks great!

soulpapa said...

Really nice!!! Thanks!

YVONNE said...

how can i get cd's of these songs im not able to open and download songs via mediafire
???? please help!!!

Chi-Town said...

WOW!! Lots of firme doo-wops here. Thanks!

Kaliz said...

real smooth stuff. thank you!!!!

roulcomp said...

thank you for the awesome drop

Benjamin Jerue said...

While listening to Rachel and the Originals online, I found this blog, which is really unbelievable and has brightened up my day. Thanks for putting together such great compilations!

Rocco said...

Thanks a lot for this heavenly music amico.
Have a soulful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Truly amazing. Such songs here I could of only had gather from someone with taste. Absolute Top Notch.

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Anonymous said...

how do i DL????? please