Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lefty's 48 Souldies But Goodies

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Q-vole oldies lovers!! It’s been a long time since this site seen some action, & first & foremost I wanna just thank the faithful here that kept commenting and showing love for this site. Had a couple of legal & personal problems, but they can’t keep a good man down!!! So let’s get right down to it.

This compilation here was suppose to be a collaboration with the homie Emilio Rivera. All you Sons Of Anarchy fans know him as Alvarez, the leader of the Mayans Motorcyle Club. That’s his bombita on the cover of this CD. But our schedules conflicted a lot so I took control of the songs & it pretty much took a mind of it’s own and came out more like a cover version of some classics. Check out track 8 for example. That band doesn’t even play oldies, they’re actually a rock band but they got down on this version of the Donnie & Joe Emerson cut. Track 9 isn’t even an oldie, but I put it in due to it’s soulful sound. Hopefully he & you all like the way this set came out, cuz we just getting started with our collaborations. Click the link and let me know what you think on the comments. ALRATO

Lefty’s 48 Souldies But Goodies
1. Just Be Thankful (remix) - Andy Allo
2. Cruising - Anthony Prieto
3. Taint No Big Thing - Ricky Vee & The Sundusters
4. Hello Stranger - Queen Latifah
5. Look Over Your Shoulder - The O’Jays
6. Ooh Baby Baby - The San Francisco TKO’s
7. As I Sit Here - Friday’s Child
8. Baby - Ariel Pink Haunted Graffiti
9. Broken Finger Blues - Richard Swift
10. Sad Man’s Land - The Spoilers
11. Spell - Blue Magic
12. El Hijo De Mama - Ralfi Pagan
13. So Long Baby - John Holt
14. A Breath Taking Guy - The Supremes
15. Baby, I Love You - Vise
16. I’ve Never Found A Girl - The Mad Lads
17. Blue Lady - Soul Explosion Band
18. Lee Cross - The Village Callers
19. All I Need - The Flairs
20. Because Of You - Erlen & Her Girlfriends


RossyBoy said...

Good to see you back in action, SOLOE ! Happy New Year, carnal ! RossyBoy

richsoul said...

Looks good. I always came to the site with hopes of it returning. thank you and I will check out the sounds.

pablo said...

que bien tu regreso hermano ya era tiempo que regresaras

gusto said...

thats whats up. glad youre back. ive been checking out your blog nonstop for new posts.

Andres Castro said...

Gracias 4 this drop I will check it out but comming from here I bet it's a keeper gracias 4 the return 2 the site can't wait 2 c the new comp u have in mind gracias

Anonymous said...

FINALLYY!!!! the best souldies blog is back!!! Don't ever leave again. welcome back

- vivian

SOLOE said...

what's happening ROSSYBOY...hope you had some good holidays homeboy

SOLOE said...

what's up to all you homies, thanks for the props and hope you enjoy this set. it's time to enjoy some firme rolas.

Fernando said...

Woah, what a surprise! Happy New Year Soloe & Chuco!

RossyBoy said...

Got a chance to play this bad bod yesterday. From the smooth opener it draws you right in. A few known classics but quite a few new ones for me too. Gracias for the return of our bruthah Soloe, for his fine sweet picks and to Lefty's 48 for the inspiration !

Anonymous said...

jlo 13:gracias

juan valdovinos said...

thanxs a lot

El Angel said...

Thank you for the music.

Benjamin Jerue said...

As always, this is pretty badass!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh great,

i found great music again !

Dreaming Casually
1 to 13
BAD, i couldn't find the
download for . . .
Dreaming Casually 1
Dreaming Casually 2
Dreaming Casually 3
Dreaming Casually 4

may you give me an actual link !
thanks and regards

from bavaria

Mr.AnthraxX said...

been following you for a min great stuff even if I forget to commet

Nava-915 said...

Nice comeback you guys did a firme job on these one and its got an hq sound Gracias!!!