Monday, October 1, 2012

Dreaming Casually Vol.13


It's been a hot minute since I've posted anything, and it seems like it's gonna be awhile longer before I post anything else. Been a hard couple of months for this vato, but like always, I'll get through it. This is the last of the DREAMING CASUALLY series, and what better way to end it then with some Doo Wops. The chicas in the cover is one of my homegirls. She got a website where she posts her skills of investigative journalism. Check out her blog and check out her stories, it's guaranteed you'll learn something new.  Her website is Tell her I sent you, she's firme gente. ENJOY!!

1. My Girl - The Vocaltones
2. I Hate To See You Go - Baby Washington
3. Out Of The Mist - The Pheasants
4. Moonlight - The Dynamics
5. The Reason For Love - Davi & The Group
6. Charlene - The Ebb Tides
7. Tryin’ - The Saxons
8. For Sale - Bob Knight Four
9. Peanuts - Rick & The Keens
10. Lone Stranger - The Denotations
11. Coming Home To You - The Philadelphians
12. Doreen - Bobby & The Discounts
13. You’re Too Young - The Sinceres
14. To Be - LA Chords
15. A Lover’s Plea - The Moonbeams
16. Wish That You Were Here - The Casual Crescendos
17. Written In The Stars - Sandra & The Highlanders
18. Speak Low - The Elegants
19. My Falling Star - Dave & The Cardigans
20. A Spoken Letter - The Lonely Boys


soulpapa said...

Looks hot! Thanks for all you've done.

Anonymous said...

that's what I'm talking about!!! welcome back SOLOE!! These doo wops are awesome!!! thanks for all you do


Dreaming Casually said...

Thank you Soloe! You are so nice. Yeah that pic was taken in San Diego many years ago with my friend Tasha. (Me on the left, Tasha on the right). Thanks again, by the way, some really firme oldies!! I am honored.--

Fernando said...

THANKS Soloe & Chuco!!!!! Dope, nice drop!

Chalino said...

Thanks a lot, looks like another great comp.

Chi-Town said...

Man, keep them doo-wops coming. Many thanks for this firme comp of rare doo-wops!

Rocco said...

Un altra bellissima upload.
Grazie mille amico.


Lil' Loco David 619 said...

Orale you doing brotha!.....I think I have a problem with the download link...the download is think you help me out?....Can't wait to hear carnal..thank you...

Bob Steer said...

Mediafire won't download anymore I always upload using sendspace can you help

Kaliz said...

that's whats up homie. gracias.