Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drifting On A Memory Vol.12


What's happening souldie lovers. It's been awhile since the last post, so I apologize for that. Things are about to pick up here. Here's something to finish off your sunday real firme, or to start off your week real good. You know how we do it on this blog so I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Grab the link and let me know what you think. ALRATO.

1. Darling I Want To Get Married - The Heartbeats
2. I've Got A Feeling - The Timetones
3. The Happiest Years - Dolly & The Deans
4. My Heart Cries - The Romancers
5. To Be Loved(Forever) - James Moore & The Pretenders
6. I Want To Know - The Veltones
7. Oh, Please Love Me - The Lyrics
8. You Don't Have To Cry Anymore - The Binders
9. You Can Come If You Want To - The Carousels
10. Take Me - The Gifts
11. Together - The Dreamlovers
12. Stars In The Sky - Earl Lewis & The Channels
13. Love Music - Regal Dewey
14. Beware, Beware - The Compliments
15. These Memories - Almeta Lattimore
16. There's A Look About You - The Entertainers
17. Stay - The Esquires
18. What Is Life - First Class
19. I Found Me A Girl - The Classic Example
20. Without You Tonight - Fabulous Waller Family


Chi-Town said...

Another firme comp! Gracias Chuco.

soulpapa said...

Kick-ass doo-wop and some I've never heard. Thanks my friend!

hennydrinker said...

Yes!!! you had me worried that you wouldn't post again homies. Thanks for this firme set. Over half of these are new to me, especially those doo wops!!! keep em coming!!

Trouble said...

welcome back Chuco!! I needed my doo wop fix bad homeboy. Thanks for coming back and putting it down like no other oldies blog can. This comp was killer.

Lost Angel said...

Damn this set is killer!! I like that Romancers version of My Heart Cries. the colors on that cover are amazing!! thanks for everything

laraider said...

Chuco & Soloe doin' the damn thing. Alwayz with the gangsta rolas, be it doo wop, soul, or oldies. You guyz are alwayz on point. Gracias

Fernando said...

THANKS Chuco & Soloe!!!!! Dope comp!