Friday, July 20, 2012

Dreaming Casually Vol.12

TGIF que no oldie lovers?? Back on that firme souldies tip for your weekend fix. Gotta bring back life to this site since the main vato been gone. It's all good, Imma represent till the homie SOLOE comes back home. Go ahead and grab the link and get ready for some firme style oldies. Hit me up on the comment section and let me know what you think. ALRATO

 1. Somebody - Curtis Davis
2. Restless Nights - The Opals
3. Come Over Here - Silk
4. I Know You Too Well - The Sentimentals
5. You Don’t Love Me Anymore - Nella Dodds
6. Where Do Dreams Come From - 4th Generations
7. Please Give Me A Chance - Aalon Butler & The New Breed Band
8. What Can I Do (Without You) - Sonny Parker
9. Baby, Baby - Lee “Shot” Williams
10. Sweet Thing - Johnny Newbag
11. Are You My Girl - Lil Dee & The Belaires
12. Frankies Angel - Mike Scott
13. Lonely Heart - The Majestics
14. Will We Ever Meet Again - Ed Kirby
15. Don’t I - Essau Isaacs
16. Let Me Be Your Friend - The Dynamics
17. Can’t Get Over You - James Simpson Band Penetration
18. What Goes Up Must Come Down - Soul Inc
19. A Dream - The Creations
20. One More Hour - Exit


Anonymous said...

Ai, gracias Chuco - thanks for the tunes - it's really appreciated!!!!


paul d said...

lookin good cant wait to hear ktf



Anonymous said...

that firme track is killer!! on my 2nd listen, and it gets better every time. thanks for posting classic tunes!!! tell SOLOE to keep his head up

- Honey

DustyRose said...

This is a treat I been looking forward to..Missed Mi Soloe's comps!!
Thanks for posting CHUCO & tell him hurry back!

Lost Angel said...

Damn homie, only 3 were familiar to me. You dropping some real hard to find soul & doo wop. Thanks for everything you post.

hennydrinker said...

The best blog on the net is BACK!!! I don't know where you get these songs from but thanks for sharing them. Keep the music alive!!!

Brownboy said...

sweeet comp carnal, thankyou 4 postin, hot cover as well!!

Fernando said...

THANKS Chuco & Soloe!!!!! Another dope one!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Buddy, I rarely download your comps cause of time but let me tell you that you have some amazing songs from the few compilations that I have downloaded, truly I have downloaded less then 7 but wow, they are amazing. But this one grab my attention cause of the cover, pretty amazing cover art. I'll be back for more. Symarip74 here, thanks

El Angel said...

Thank you again for all the music downloaded a bunch of comps to check out.