Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dreaming Casually Vol.11

Que onda oldie lovers?? It's hump day, so it's only right I post some firme souldies to get you over that hump and get you ready for the weekend. Here's volume 11 of the DREAMING CASUALLY series. You're gonna dig these firme tunes, so hit the link, and tell me what you think. ALRATO

1. Mr. DJ - The Contenders
2. Love & Affection - The Lyrics
3. Calling You - Shirley & Willie
4. Baby Oh Baby - Elsie Strong
5. Crazy, Wonderful - Doe Moody
6. It’s Just Your Way - Jan Bradley
7. Don’t Let Him Hurt You Baby - Charles Spurling
8. A Soldier’s Prayer - Archie Bell & The Drells
9. I Don’t Have To Worry - The Quotations
10. I’m Just A Teenager But Now I’m Ready - Lee Williams & The Cymbals
11. Why Not Be Mine - 5 Special
12. Your Turn This Time - The O’Jays
13. I’m So Happy - 4th Generation
14. I’ve Got A Girl - The Tiffanys
15. For Love - Carver Smith High Combo
16. Why Must I Cry - The Swans 1
17. Show Me The Way - The Signals
18. What’s Wrong Baby - Rudy Ludaway
19. Let Us Pray - The Gospel Clouds
20. Without Your Love I’ll Be Nothing - Lavorn Smith


Chalino said...

Muchas Gracias.

DustyRose said...

another one of my favorites from Mi Soloe! Please tell that vato he is missed & hope he's ok !

Fernando said...

THANKS Soloe & Chuco!!!!! Dope! Big up and hope Soloe is doing fine.

Soulmaster said...

Thnx for a very good comp!!!

Chi-Town said...

Sweet and firme comp and cover! Gracias.

Angel Sanchez said...