Friday, June 1, 2012

Drifting On A Memory Vol.11

What's happening oldie lovers?? TGIF, and what better way to end a weekend or start a new month but with some more of them hard to find oldies. Been gone for a hot minute, but things are gonna start looking better. SOLOE may be out of the game for a while, but I got his goodies that should last for a few more months. As always, hit the link, and tell me what you think. ALRATO

1. That’s Groovy - The Classic Example
2. No One - The Thrills
3. The Time Is Right For Love - Bobby Reed
4. To Love Somebody - The Kaldirons
5. Dreaming’s Out Of Season - The Montclairs
6. Love Me, Love Me or Leave Me, Leave Me - Gloria Scott
7. Tricks Of The Trade - Jan Bradley
8. Your Picture On The Wall - Orthea Barnes
9. Think Of The Time - The Velvelettes
10. Ten Good Reasons - Donna Loren
11. I’m Fed Up - Denise Germine & The Delmonicos
12. Dear One - Earl Lewis & The Channels
13. I Fell In Love - The Esquires
14. I Need You - The Utmost
15. Hetta Hetta - They Lytations
16. Promises - Clydie & Sweet Things
17. Split Personality - The Resonics
18. Please Believe I Love You - The Hi-Lites
19. Stay By My Side - Joann Garret
20 I’ve Gotten Over You - The Sonnettes


Fernando said...

THANKS Chuco & Soloe!!!!!!! It has been a minute, but well worth the wait, dope comp! Hope all is well with Soloe.

Trouble said...

Oh Yeah!!! I was hoping you guys were still around since I just found out about this blog a month or so ago. Glad you're back to posting these rare songs. You guys are the best!!!

laraider said...

Good to see you back in action carnal. I was wondering what happened. Tell Soloe to keep his head up. Just good to some nee rolas from you guyz. Gracias

Chalino said...

Thank a lot.

hennydrinker said...

I was gonna send an amber alert on you 2 vatos. Glad you're back to posting those hard to find rolas. Hope Soloe is alright, and tell him that we miss his presence on this dope ass site just like we miss you too Chuco. thanks for everything.

Mike S said...

Can you tell me anything about the Younghearts track...
label,company, release year
and is it the original group?

Chi-Town said...

Another killa comp! Muchas gracias.