Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dreaming Casually Vol.10

Q-vo oldie lovers, how's everyones week going so far?? Back to guide you into the weekend with another dose of firme tunes. Been a bit busy as of late with business so I apologize for having been slow with the post. I truly appreciate the love we been getting on the comment section. much love to everyone who drops comments. Hope you all been enjoying the firme rolas. As usually, grab the link and let me know what you think. ALRATO

1. Call Her - The Compacts
2. (Let’s Stop Making) Small Talk - 5 Special
3. I Love You For All Seasons - East Of Underground
4. Include Me - Dawn & Sunset
5. Every time - Jimmy Bailey
6. Little Green Monster - Exit
7. If You Don’t Want My Love - Ron Preyer
8. Sunshine Embrace - Pacific Gas & Electric With Charlie Allen
9. Give It Up - R.D.M Band Feat Milton Campbell
10. If I Were A King - Joe Bataan
11. I Did It For Real - Norma Jenkins
12. Girl You Must Believe ( It’s You I Love) - Positive Change
13. Two Lovers - The Chi-Tones
14. You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down - Junior Parker
15. You’re Such A Beautiful Child - Archie Bell
16. Take Me Back - Brothers Unlimited
17. I Feel So At Home - Michelle Wiley
18. Put A Hurting On My Heart - The Herbs
19. Ooh I Love You - The Dells
20. Rome - Larry Marshall


Fernando said...

Dope, THANKS Soloe & Chico!!!!! It's been a minute, but worth the wait! Awesome comp!

Anonymous said...

Damn that Ron Preyer joint is sick!!!
Only heard 1 of the songs in the list, the rest are all new to me. thanks for the hook up. best oldie sight by far!!

- honey

brownboy said...

Soloe & Chuco, sick selection of tracks carnals! Thanks 4 all the blood, sweat & tearz U drop into your comps! MUCH RESPECT...

hennydrinker said...

Chingao homies! you vatos post some firme ass rolas, gangster style!! gracias for everything you vatos post

Trouble said...

Where do you find these songs?? when you say hard to find oldies, you really mean it. thanks for sharing, I'm digging this site!!!

Chi-Town said...

Gracias for the firme drop Soloe & Chuco. Sweet as can be.