Saturday, April 21, 2012

Drifting On A Memory Vol.10

orale oldie lovers, here's some more firme rolas for your saturday fiesta. I'm sure I don't gotta tell you how good this set is, cuz SOLOE get's down when it comes to these compilations don't you agree?? grab the link and let me know what you think. To the homie SOLOE, keep your head up homeboy. ALRATO

1. What About Me - The First Class
2. Tonight, Kiss Your Baby Goodbye
3. Pretty, Pretty - The Joneses
4. I’ll Find A Way - Black Ivory
5. Give Me Something - Odds & Ends
6. With All My Heart - The Billboards
7. Here Is My Heart - Earl Lewis & The Channels
8. Please Don’t Go - The Tonettes
9. Heavenly Angel -The Viscaynes
10. Dear Mary - Artie Golden
11. All I Ever Do Is Dream About You - Chocolate Syrup
12. Where Were You (When I Needed You) - Jimmy Briscoe
13. How Has Your Love Life Been - Society Of Seven
14. We Made It - Black Ivory
15. Lovin’ You - The Joneses
16. Close To Me - Derrick Harriot
17. I’ve Got To Go On Without You - The Van Dykes
18. Wishing - Walt Percy & The Tracers
19. Hey Little Girl - The Catalinas
20. The Gleam In Your Eyes - Earl Lewis & The Channels


Fernando said...

THANKS Chuco & Soloe!!!!! I agree, dope comp, lots of dope joints on this one!

Stretch said...

Thanks big homie!

laraider said...

Soloe & Chuco alwayz doin' it with the firme rolas. I can alwayz depend on you guyz for the down ass oldies & doo wops. I'm Talkin' about the two o'clock in the mornin' rolas. Thanx again. Keep'em comin'. Much appreciated.

Lost Angel said...

hell yeah!!! nothing like coming back and getting some firme tunes. keep them coming my way fellas. much love

hennydrinker said...

Nothing but straight firme cuts!!
I don't know where you vatos get these tunes from, but gracias for putting them up for me to enjoy. I've read it before but it's true, you vatos got the best blog going hands down!!

Chi-Town said...

Firme rolas indeed! Thanks Chuco & Soloe.