Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Memories Of The Past Vol.12


orale oldie lovers, let me get right into the mix. Been a rough couple of weeks but I'm back with some firme rolas. Get ready for some firme Doo wops coming your way on this set. We really appreciate the comments that been flowing through as of late. As always, grab the link, and tell me what you think. ALRATO!

1. He’s So Easy To Love – The Blue Angeles
2. Guided Missiles – The Cuff Links
3. I’m Sorry Now – The Shields
4. Do You Miss Me – Mimi Allen
5. Cause Of A Bad Romance – The Debonaires
6. I Am To Blame – The Del Knights
7. Johnny – The Dots
8. How Long – Eugene Church
9. Lady Love – The Aristocrats
10. Lost Love – The Shirelles
11. My Darling – The Premiers
12. My Girl – Johnny Flamingo
13. Portrait Of Love – The Devotions
14. School Bells To Chapel Bells – The Styles
15. Who Will I Be Today – The Bluerays
16. Deep In My Heart For You – The Pyramids
17. Just Crazy Bout You Baby – The Embers
18. Please Say You’ll Be Mine – The Sunbeams
19. It’s True – The Hollywood Saxons
20. Tonight – The Shadows


Fernando said...

THANKS Soloe & Chuco!!!!! Dope comp!

brownboy said...

another sweeeet comp homies, real smooth drop, many thanks and lotz respect Soloe & Chuco!!

Anonymous said...

Some other amazing souldies on that comp again, thanks guys ! Will you upload oldest comps you made soon? Some tracks are really hard to find... Cheers from France !

DustyRose said...

Just one of my Soloe's many fav vol's!! Thanks Chuco

Chris T said...

Thanks a lot for this firme comp.

Chi-Town said...

Thanks Chuco and Soloe. Looks gud 2 me.

David Jordan said...

Can you purchase these CD's ?