Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Memories Of The Past


Alot of gente missed out on some good oldie compilations when the blog "Tommorows Velvet Dreamz" closed down. I'm here to bring some back. With that, here's another one for you oldie lovers. Alrato

Memories Of The Past Vol.1
1. You Waited Too Long - Johnny Bartel & The Soul Masters
2. That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You - Belita Woods
3. Never In A Million Years - The Honeybees
4. Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Back - The Cashmeres
5. Teasing You Again - Willie Tee
6. You Don’t Have To Worry - Doris & Kelley
7. You’ve Got To Hold Me - Johnny Neel & The Shapes Of Soul
8. Unwritten Law - Sherry Lee & Her Group
9. It’s Been So Long - The Leaping Flames
10. We’re Lovers - The Gladiolas
11. Lover’s Prayer - The Clickettes
12. Fool Me - Billy Harner
13. Please Don’t Go - Willie Tee
14. There’s A Look About You - The Enchanters
15. Can’t Stop The Pain - Ernie Johnson
16. I’ll Be Your Champion - Jimmy “Soul” Clarke
17. Got To Keep Hanging On - Vickie Labat
18. Walking Up A One Way Street - Willie Tee
19. Somewhere In Life - The Mar-Vels
20. This Heart Is Haunted - Lee Jones & The Sounds Of Soul


Raphy said...

Just see your link at FMS...

Big UP!@!

Chuco said...

sup Raphy, hope you enjoy these sets, and thanks for the comment

G MAN said...

Memories of the Past........fabulous series by the one and only SOLOE........don't miss this one people.....this is some straight gangsta soul!

A big "WHAT UP!" goin' out 2 CHUCO & SOLOE!


2264f8da-ad25-11e0-b4b8-000bcdca4d7a said...

Just wanted to say this is an amazing compilation. It makes my nights!

Chuco said...

glad you enjoyed this set, and hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of the series. I appreciate you commenting.

piet said...

hey Chuco , the links doesn't work ,,, i am dissapoint for that