Monday, March 28, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.1


Que onda oldie lovers. Here's a firme set of tunes to start your week right. From the same vato who brought you the SOLOE'S OLDIES series comes this one. Can't go wrong with these rolas. Alrato.

Lonely Town Rolas
1. The Valley Of My Sleep – Willie G & The Six Pak
2. The End Of Love – The 4 Andantes
3.Don’t Leave(Baby Don’t Go) – Bobby Sansom & The Maus Marks
4. Queen Of The Minstrel – Cornell Campbell & The Eternals
5. Hello Stranger – Fire & Rain
6. I’d Rather Do It Myself – The Millionaires
7. Thanks To You – Ronnie Walker
8. Don’t Waste My Time – The Sinceres
9. How Was I To Know – The Esquires
10. Breaking Up – The Futures
11. Why Do You Treat Me So Bad – The Mastermen
12. Forget About Tomorrow – The Superlatives
13. Treat Me So Bad – T.S.U Tornadoes
14. Tweedly Dum Dum – The Whatnauts
15. I’m Glad – Jimmy James
16. It’s No Sin – Gene & Eddie
17. It Ain’t No Achievement – The Millionaires
18. Missing You – The Soul Majestics
19. Chaos ( In My Heart) – Vivian Copeland
20. Come On Over On The Loving Side – Philly Devotions


G MAN said...

Another classic to add 2 the rest of your hits.....firme job on the production Soloe.....clean cover to homie!


Chris T said...

Could you please re-up this comp.