Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Love On A Two Way Street Vol.7

 photo LOATWS7_zpszfsuucdk.jpg 

It's been way too long since I stepped into this joint. Glad to see you homeboys/girls are still checking us out. Let's get right into it with this latest volume of this compilation. Back at it with a lil mixture of firme souldies & doo wops. I love bands and singers that make music with that oldie like sound. Check out tracks 6 thru 10. These rolas aren't oldies, but sound like it was made back in the day. Check them out after you hear them on here, you won't be disappointed. It's good to be back. Click the link & tell me what you think. ALRATO!

1. Tell Me - Dave Bond
2. Little Wallflower - Dungaree Darlings
3. Lost Love - Gene Davis
4. I Will Always Love You - L.C. Steeles
5. Now That I’ve Found You - Tommy Winters
6. Is It Any Wonder? - Durand Jones & The Indications
7. Joyride - The Jackmoves
8. Dreamin’s For Free - Benjamin & The Right Direction
9. Nothing More To Say - The Frightnrs
10. Light Of My Life - Benjamin & The Right Direction
11. Private Party - Sonya & Capris
12. The Surfers Moons - Bob & Sheri
13. Oh My Dear - Zola Taylor
14. Blue Velvet - The Natural Four
15. It Won’t Work Out Baby - The Lost Souls
16. Come Home - The Vestelles
17. I’ve Cried - The Jhamels
18. What We Have - The Arterials
19. That’s How It Is - Woman
20. It Ain’t Fair - Calvin Harris


Chi-Town said...

Gracias carnal. Just gave it a spin and it soundz firme, very firme. Sweet drop fer sure.

CanoMan said...

Gracias for this drop joyride is a firme rola

OG SADBOY said...

gracias por compartir este volumen

DustyRose said...

Loved it!!

Rocco M said...

Absolutely top class music.
Greetz from Belgium.


Unknown said...

love your blog and the music it presents! I follow your blog but I was wondering if you do notifications to my email when you put out new compilations? my email ..Berkeley CA!

Danny Gomez said...

Great oldies