Saturday, January 21, 2017

These Old Memories Vol.8

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Orale oldie lovers!!

Hope this new year is starting off right for you. If it hasn't, well it's about to with this new compilation. We're about to pick up where we left off, posting nothing but firme souldies but goodies. So sit back, have yourself some of your favorite beverage, put this bad boy in and enjoy the tunes. Let me know what you think. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

1. Pain In My Heart - Higgs & Wilson
2. Wayward Dream - Annette Poindexter
3. Ohh La Da Dee - Brenton Wood
4. Comfort Me - Piece Of The Action
5. How About Love - Chocolate Milk
6. Out Of My Life - The Expressions
7. The City Of L.A - Los Walkers
8. I Love You - Cozy Corley
9. If You Want To Call Me - Bobby McNutt
10. Star Of Love - Tony Allen
11. Will You Ever Be Mine - Donnie Elbert
12. Pleading For Your Love - The Four Dots
13. The Love I Found In You - Brothers Of Soul
14. I Know Where I’ve Been - Frederick Knight
15. Temptation Is Too Hard To Fight - George Mc Gregor & The Bronzettes
16. Turn Of The Century - Turn Of The Century
17. My Only Love - The Counts
18. I Love You Baby - The Moovers
19. I’ll Always Love You - Velma Perkins
20. Bewildered - James Brown


soulpapa said...

Thanks my friend!

CanoMan said...

Orale CHUCO Gracias for this firme drop homie keep up the good work

richsoul said...

Thank you very much. All music is appreciated. Gracias.


Hey home sube cd mas seguido están chingon thak u for the otro chapter

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Rush said...

Thanks highly appreciated

Rocco M said...

Una musica grandiosa.
Respect !