Friday, November 25, 2011

Lonely Town Rolas Vol.11


Orale oldie lovers, hope everyone had a firme thanksgiving. Here I am with another firme set of them souldies but goodies. Just in time for the weekend. So grab the link and tell me what you think. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. ALRATO

1. Ladies Choice – El Sid
2. You Look Like An Angel – The Decisions
3. One More Chance – The Four Tees
4. Lovely Emotions – The Arvettes
5. Why – The Combinations
6. Can’t Get Over Losing You – The Summits
7. If You Leave – The Monte-Carlos
8. I Don’t Want You - The Lovations
9. My Heart Belongs To You – The Professionals
10. Please Don’t Break My Heart – The Spontanes
11. Taught Me How To Love – Bobby Patterson
12. Turn Around – Power Of Attorney
13. You’re Sweet – The Precisions
14. Stop The Bells – Members Of The Staff
15. Love & Understanding – The Elements Of Love
16. She Won’t Give In – The Rythms & Blues
17. Greatest Debt To My Mother – Henry Brooks
18. Teach Me A Lesson(In Love) – The Jaedes
19. All Or Nothing – The Mandells
20. My Love – The Fabulous Malibus


Symarip74 said...

WOW! Another dose of hits without a doubt. Strictly Amazed!!! And how bout that cover, very nice Gal. Do you know this gal in person? Ha ha ha, I love the cover and colors, just Amazing, Thanks so much Chuco, very much appreciated.

Chuco said...

Q-Vole Symarip74,

your comment is very much appreciated!! comments like yours is what makes SOLOE & myself keep posting firme compilations. thanks so much for the props on the cover and tunes. I don't know the girl, I wish I did tho, LOL. thanks for the comment once again, much respect!!

Robbie Borne said...

Can I buy the MP3 download of "You're Sweet" from you?