Monday, October 3, 2011



Que onda oldie lovers? Beginning of a new week so there aint nothing like listening to some firme rolas to get you thru the week que no?? Here's volume 10 of SOLOE'S OLDIES. I'm listening to this as I write this right now and let me tell you, this compilation is firme from beginning to end. Track 3 is my rola as of late. THE DREW-VELS get down on IT'S MY TIME. Grab the link and you'll soon be jamming to these firme souldies as well, so let me know what you think on the comments. ALRATO!!!

1. She Took You For A Ride – Aaron Neville
2. I’m Hip To You – Renaldo Domino
3. It’s My Time – The Drew-Vels
4. Love Meditation – Taste Of Love
5. Much Better Off – Smokey & The Miracles
6. Sad Sad Story – The Ethics
7. Shy Girl – Johnny & The Expressions
8. That Day When She Needed Me – The Contours
9. Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over) – Ruby Andrews
10. Bless You – The Fawns
11. What Makes Me Love You – The Sequins
12. Baby Don’t You Go – The Perfections
13. Everybody’s Laughing – The Esquires
14. Better Not Live Outside Your Heart – Energy
15. I Can’t Help Myself – Barbara Mason
16. I Wanna Know Right Now – Timothy Wilson
17. I Was Born When You Kissed Me – The Whispers
18. With A Broken Heart – Soul Pushers
19. Too Young For Me – The Ambassadors


Garfield said...

Nice and smooth. Very great comp. Thank you!

Chuco said...

Q-VO garfield,

thanks for the comment homeboy, glad you liked this set. much respect

Anonymous said...

link down bro can u reupload ill appreciate it im real into these jams n thnx for keepin this type of music alive homie

Anonymous said...

Your Link is down for these oldies

Anonymous said...

Your Link is down for these oldies